Hilton Garden Inn continues expansion in fourth quarter

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Chains, Expansions

Following on from a successful first three quarters of 2018, the end of the year continues to be one of growth for the Hilton Garden Inn, which plans to open 13 new properties in six different countries. We find out more.

Hilton Garden Inn taps into new destinations

The Hilton Garden Inn has announced the opening of 13 new properties in six countries across the world in the following months. Hilton’s upscale brand plans to tap into these new destinations by offering guests their signature combination of “warm hospitality, featuring enhanced food and beverage offerings, modern and contemporary decor, and the brand’s hallmark bright and airy design.” The brand has experienced significant successes in the run up to this year’s fourth quarter, and during the first three quarters Hilton Garden Inn opened an incredible 38 properties in 16 different countries. A number of these new hotels are virgin ventures for the Hilton Garden Inn in Kenya, France, Zambia and Albania.

A focus on travel

The beauty of these new hotel openings, apart from expanding the brand’s portfolio into new destinations, is that guests will be encouraged to travel and explore some locations that they may not previously have thought of. ” style=”box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; display: inline-block; line-height: 1; vertical-align: bottom; padding: 0px; text-indent: 0px;”> John Greenleaf, global head of Hilton Garden Inn, expanded on the decision to open hotels in these new cities, saying, “Hilton Garden Inn is rapidly expanding in desirable and exciting destinations for business and leisure travelers alike, furthering our mission to provide each guest with upscale accommodations and amenities wherever they are headed around the world. For the upcoming holiday travel season, travelers will find Hilton Garden Inn in more locations than ever before and can always expect a unique and elevated guest experience anywhere they stay with us.”

New property highlights

Among the 13 properties are some hotels in locations that will stun guests. In Albania, Hilton will make their first foray into the national market with Hilton Garden Inn Tirana, located close to the city centre and appealing to travelers who will be in Albania on business. The second Hilton Garden Inn in Malaysia will open in Puchong, and will be ideal for people who want to experience the vibrancy of Kuala Lumpur and the SetiaWalk Puchong nightlife culture. Mexico’s Chihuahua state will receive a new Garden Inn near the state capital, and will be part of a large mixed-use development servicing shoppers and diners in the area. Members of the Hilton Honors loyalty program will also benefit from being able to use their points to book rooms and facilities in these new hotels.



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