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Hello, Hotels! What business and leisure travellers want

by | 24 Jan 2020 | Suppliers

62% of survey participants would pay more for a hotel which has modern, high-end bathrooms. More than one in two (53%) are prepared to dig deeper into their pockets if the bathroom has products with ultra-hygienic surfaces built in. According to the survey, 62% would be willing to pay more for their rooms if natural, recyclable materials are used for the bathroom fit-out, rather than plastics.

A recent survey shows how wide the gulf can be between hotel guests’ wishes and reality.

For hotel guests, what really matters is a clean, hygienic bathroom. This was the finding of a recent representative Forsa survey commissioned by Kaldewei.[1] The majority of those interviewed (62%) said that an impeccably cleaned bathroom was the most important feature. Trailing far behind at 26% was a large, comfortable bed. It is precisely here however, in the hotel bathroom, that many factors can cloud the pleasure of a stay, be it for business or leisure. The responses to the “problem areas” not only show what really annoys guests, but also what they would be prepared to spend more money on. These are useful findings for hotels because there are bathroom solutions with which they can very easily turn their guests’ wishes into reality.

The best advertisement: The bathroom in a hotel room

It might at first glance seem astonishing that a room in which they spend an average of only 6 to 30 minutes per day should be the main criterion for guests’ satisfaction. Nonetheless, the Kaldewei survey findings are clear: as the place where guests freshen up and groom themselves, and where they end the day, the bathroom is pivotal to a hotel’s success. Indeed, 95% of interviewees said that they would not rebook a hotel if the bathroom is unhygienic. In addition, 21% have given a hotel a poorer online review because of shortcomings in the bathroom. Over one third (36%) have even chosen not to book a hotel because of bad online reviews of its bathrooms.

Jointless, enamelled shower surfaces such as the Kaldewei Nexsys offer maximum protection against moisture damage and mildew. If there is no grouting in a shower area, moisture damage cannot occur and mildew caused by stuck washing residues cannot form.

Leading the problem area ranking: A lack of hygiene in the bathroom

Whether it’s hair in the plughole, mildew on the grouting or a dirty floor, a poorly cleaned hotel bathroom was cited by an overwhelming majority of Kaldewei hotel survey respondents as “very annoying” or “quite annoying” (99%). And 98% said they were disgusted by mildew spots on the surface of the shower, bath or washbasin. This is one annoyance that – as proven by hygiene tests by TÜV Rheinland – can be completely avoided with bathroom solutions made of Kaldewei steel enamel. With their non-porous surfaces, the enamelled washbasins, baths and showers are proven to be more hygienic and easier to clean than conventional acrylic products or tiled showers. Thanks to the easy-to-clean finish which comes as standard with Kaldewei washbasins, residues have no chance to stick and form mildew.

Annoyances: Mildew on the grouting, moisture damage and discolouration

These are particularly critical issues in bathrooms with tiled shower areas: According to the survey, the 3rd and 4th biggest annoyances in hotel bathrooms were mildew on the grouting and around the shower drain, followed by moisture damage. These were followed by low water pressure and poor shower drainage, which can quickly lead to small floods. Many hotel guests would also be annoyed by discoloured or damaged bathroom products. Hotels can avoid these problems with steel enamel shower surfaces such as those made by premium manufacturer Kaldewei. Steel is known for robustness, toughness and the ability to keep its shape, and glass offers a superior look and feel, is resilient, easy to care for and hygienic. It is the perfect material for meeting the hotel industry’s demanding requirements.

Bathroom shortcomings: Many guests have encountered them

Although the bathroom is so crucial to a hotel’s success, the Kaldewei hotel survey showed that one in two interviewees have experienced unpleasant shortcomings: 51 have come across mildew spots on grouting and 49% have been confronted with a poorly cleaned bathroom. Almost one third of guests (31%) have even seen examples of moisture damage in hotel bathrooms. However, the risk of such shortcomings could be a thing of the past with superior bathroom solutions.

A worthwhile investment: Guests pay more for good bathroom hygiene and facilities

Choosing the right bathroom solutions is an investment that pays off in the long term because, apart from hygiene (for 95%), the bathroom fit-out is what decides a hotel booking for more than half of interviewees (56%). In fact, 62% – well over half of interviewees – would even pay more for a hotel which has modern, high-end bathrooms. More than one in two (53%) are prepared to dig deeper into their pockets if the bathroom has products with ultra-hygienic surfaces built in. Sustainability is also a subject about which hotel guests have become increasingly aware: half of those who took part in the Forsa survey commissioned by Kaldewei would like a bathroom fit-out with no plastics, preferring the use of natural, recyclable materials. According to the survey, 62% would then even be willing to pay more for their rooms.

[1] On behalf of Kaldewei, Forsa surveyed 1,007 Germans aged 18 and over who have spent at least one night in a hotel in the last five years (period: 2 to 8 July 2019).




KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surface, bathtub and washbasin made completely of one material.


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