Guests to benefit from Oasis home-sharing platform through Hyatt loyalty scheme [Download Chain Report]

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Chains

A new partnership between hotel stalwarts Hyatt and popular home-sharing platform Oasis is set to expand Hyatt’s services. The collaboration will allow members of Hyatt’s World of Loyalty program to book Oasis accommodation through their Unbound Collection soft brand.

Hyatt moves into home-sharing

As the world of home-sharing has officially cemented itself as a threatening alternative to traditional hotels, big hotel groups and brands are scrambling to diversify their portfolios to grab a slice of that market. Hyatt is no different, and the group recently entered into a partnership with home-sharing platform Oasis to offer member of the World of Hyatt loyalty scheme the opportunity to book accommodation on the platform. Hyatt Hotel’s Unbound Collection, one of the group’s soft brands which offers clients the possibility to move “outside of traditional hotels”, is now connected to Oasis. Guests can reserve one of Oasis’ 2,200 properties in 22 cities through either the Unbound Collection’s website or Oasis’ platform by using Hyatt’s loyalty program. This collaboration is an attempt to satisfy Hyatt’s high-end travelers, who might be looking for upscale private accommodation as opposed to just hotels.

Hyatt, Oasis and guests all benefit from new relationship

Amy Weinberg, SVP of the World of Hyatt loyalty program, had this to say about the new partnership: “We see Oasis as a great extension for our members when they want more space or they have a longer trip planned and to have the opportunity to stay in the Hyatt program and portfolio and gain the benefits of World of Hyatt. That’s better for each of us when it comes to that member benefit.” The collaboration was a “logical fit”, she added, and although Oasis won’t be adding any Hyatt branding to their properties, it will give both brands greater awareness across a broader spectrum of potential clients. Parker Stanberry, co-founder and CEO of Oasis, said, “There are probably Hyatt customers who would be great Oasis customers and might not know about Oasis yet. It would also attract new Hyatt members as well. Being part of one of the only alternative-accommodation options that is formally integrated into a hotel loyalty program is another competitive advantage for us that’s really going to make us stand out versus other players in the space.”

Exploring new territory

The partnership will give Oasis a chance to grow its portfolio, and the platform has plans to expand its presence in 22 cities to 50 cities over the coming two years. It will also allow for Hyatt to increase its presence in certain cities and markets, namely Barcelona and Latin America, where Oasis is already a well-known and well-used brand and platform. Similarly, Oasis will be able to expand into the Asia-Pacific market, where Hyatt is already well established but Oasis has not yet gained a foothold. Stanberry elaborated on this, saying, “Being able to integrate and bring something like this to the market in the seven months since we first started working together is pretty fast, all things considered. I think that speaks to the teams …being on the same page, being able to push this out there relatively quickly.”



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