Going global: Nobu Hotels set for expansion across four regions by 2020

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Chains

Nobu Warsaw

Nobu Hotels shows no signs of slowing down as it announces a new property in Warsaw, Poland and keeps its sights set on operating 20 properties around the world by 2020

Nobu is a relatively new player in the hospitality space, but the group looks set to cement its position in the industry.

The luxury group recently announced its newest property in Warsaw, Poland, bringing Nobu a step closer to its goal of running 20 hotels by 2020.

This iconic brand, known first for its food and now for its hotels, is sure to brighten up any location. We find out more.

Glitz and glamour at Nobu

Celebrity has always been at the heart of Nobu, making the brand a big hitter with the rich and famous.

From humbler hospitality beginnings with chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s eponymous restaurants which blend Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, the brand now operates a steadily growing fleet of hotels.

The brand’s identity is synonymous with glitz and glamour, with celebrity backers such as Robert DeNiro who famously invited Matsuhisa to open a restaurant in DeNiro’s favourite NYC haunt, Tribeca.

This created the cult of celebrity around the brand and will no doubt be useful to Nobu in their planned expansion in the coming years.

Global expansion plans

Nobu plans to expand into no less than four regions with its newest collection of properties.

Europe will gain two new Nobu hotels, in the up and coming Polish capital Warsaw and the popular Catalan tourist destination of Barcelona.

North America will welcome Nobu to Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto, Canada, while the Middle East will see Nobu landing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Finally, South America will see a new Nobu hotel opened in vibrant Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Here is a video by Nobu Hotels on their global expansion plans.

Let’s take a look at a few projects currently underway by Nobu:

Nobu Hotel Warsaw

Nobu Hotel Riyadh

Nobu Chicago Hotel & Restaurant

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