“Godsent” Hilton Hull steps in to treat 28 homeless to unforgettable Christmas

by | Jan 7, 2019 | News

28 homeless people were treated to a two-night stay in the hotel over Christmas.

Members of the homeless community in Hull, northern England, were given the gift of a hotel stay by a Doubletree Hilton property in the city. A group of 28 homeless people were treated to a two-night stay in the hotel over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, organised by charity Raise the Roof Hull Homeless Project. We find out more about this happy holiday story.

Doubletree Hilton Hull to the rescue

The Christmas spirit was in full swing this year at the Doubletree Hilton hotel in Hull, England. The hotel welcomed a group of 28 homeless people from the city, who stayed in the hotel over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Local charity Raise the Roof Hull Homeless Project had raised over £1000 ($1,280) to reserve 14 rooms at the Royal Hotel. But the hotel cancelled the reservation at the last minute, leaving the charity with little time to make alternative arrangements.

However, Doubletree Hilton came to save the day by offering the charity 14 rooms free of charge so members of the homeless community wouldn’t have to spend Christmas on the streets.

The hotel welcomed its guests with a complimentary Christmas dinner, and with gift bags that included clothes and toiletries.

Guests were also able to avail of complimentary breakfasts in the mornings, and throughout the day could indulge in takeaways, such as Dope Burgers.

Not only that, but members of the public also donated clothing, chocolate and money to the homeless community over the Christmas period.

Miracles can happen

Carl Simpson, from the charity project, put it succinctly when he said, “Who says miracles don’t happen?”

The 28 guests who stayed at the Hilton were overjoyed by their experience. The stay at the luxury hotel has been deemed by many as a “godsent”.

Julie Horner, one of the people who spent two days there, said, “We had a Christmas dinner and we got all our breakfasts as well. When we arrived we got presents like chocolates, toiletries and gift sets. It was a nice surprise.“

“My favourite part has been waking up and being able to make myself a cup of tea straight away, without having to wait three hours to get enough change to go and buy one,” she added.

Another guest, Steve Bryden, has been living on the streets for a number of years. He said he fell straight asleep as soon as he got to his hotel room. “I missed my Christmas dinner because I was asleep. As soon as I got into the room at half past three I fell straight to sleep and didn’t wake up until the next afternoon.”

“It was nice to relax and just generally being off the streets. It’s been absolutely brilliant and I just want to say thank you to Raise The Roof for doing this for us,” he said.

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