Forest Group presents state-of-the-art curtain track system creating a memorable customer experience

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Suppliers

FOREST DS XL LED Motorized System

Forest Group, leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality drapery track systems, has extended its Design Line of curtain systems with a smart motorized curtain track combined with a unique way of lighting, the DS-XL® LED Motorized track system. This brand new drapery system is designed to create visual impact and provides superior functionality and ease of use to the end-user. Controlling the curtains and the integrated LED-lighting by remote control or building automation system guarantees a unique experience of atmosphere and comfort in any hospitality space.

Sustainable lighting plan

When working with a lighting plan with three levels: high, medium and low the DS-XL® LED Motorized system is the perfect solution for a lighting plan on a higher level, integrating this track to create an overall glow on the ceiling. It also offers the possibility to illuminate the backside and/or the curtain track itself enabling a higher level of privacy. The LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and it can last for years so it can contribute to a sustainable design philosophy.

The DS-XL® LED Motorized curtain system is an elegant system for all types of medium weight draperies and is available in 2 colors: timeless white and in stylish anthracite. Opt for a regular pleated heading or choose for a more dramatic effect for the Forest Easyfold® wave system.


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About the Supplier

Forest Group is a leading company in the field of curtain track systems and window coverings. In our head office in the Netherlands, innovative and high-quality rails are developed and manufactured that are suitable for interior design and projects such as hotels.


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