FEDE Switch & Light incorporates latest LED technology in Natural STONE lighting collection

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Suppliers

The new Natural STONE lighting collection by Brazier Valencia is characterized by an incredible thin slate sheet, its resistance and its sustainability. In addition, its intense color and natural texture stand for elegance. Brazier Valencia presents bespoke lighting made in Natural STONE, incorporating inside the latest LED technology by FEDE.

Only 2mm of unique and natural stone to design an original handmade lamp shade that will create a warm atmosphere for your residential or Hotel project. This new lighting collection matches perfectly with marble, brass and other trendy materials for an exclusive Interior Design. What’s your choice: Black or Ochre slate?

Minimalism with SoHo

The STONE lighting collection has a natural and minimalistic look. The simplicity takes on a new complex and sophisticated dimension in minimalist spaces. Less is more. The STONE collection herefore is a perfect match with FEDE’s new minimalist light switch collection, SoHo. The collection is designed for projects that require the authenticity of brass and a switch design in its purest form; flat, straight and square. What is essential is the simplicity itself. Eliminate all that is superfluous and focus on the object: the essential element of a switch frame is its square shape and the material from which it is made.

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― About the Supplier ―

At FEDE, we are proud of working for the most demanding customers who appreciate quality and who place the emphasis on their own unique style of interior design.


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