Fattal Hotels to open luxury boutique hotel in historic Tel Aviv property

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Boutique Hotel, Chains

Fattal Hotels signs deal for new luxury hotel

Israeli hotel chain set to invest NIS 50 million into conversion of Kabbalah centre into boutique hotel

Israeli hotel group Fattal Hotels expands its native portfolio with a new hotel in the coastal hotspot of Tel Aviv.

The property is in a historic building near Dizengoff Square and is being leased to the hotel group by the Kabbalah centre.

We find out more.

Fattal Hotels adds to Israeli portfolio with new Tel Aviv property

Fattal Hotels, an Israeli hotel group headed up by David Fattal, is making headlines because of a new venture they are pursuing in the bustling metropolis of Tel Aviv.

Known for its beaches and nightlife, Tel Aviv is just one of the destinations in which Fattal Hotels operates in Israel, and it is planning on adding another property to its existing roster of 40 hotels in its home territory.

Assaf Fattal, the company’s business manager responsible for the construction of the chain’s new hotels, spoke about the project saying: “This is an urban and unique product in a very attractive location. The new hotels will provide a solution for tourists coming to Tel Aviv for leisure and business purposes, and for Israelis seeking an urban vacation in a boutique hotel close to all points of interest in the city of Tel Aviv.”

Kabbalah and history in Tel Aviv

The new hotel will be in a historic building which is part of Tel Aviv’s UNESCO listed White City. The Bauhaus-inspired building was designed in 1937 by architect Joseph Neufeld and was used by a pharmaceutical company before being acquired by The Kabbalah Centre in 1995 as a study school.

Fattal Hotels will be investing NIS 50 million (about $14 million) into transforming the centre into a luxury boutique hotel, which is slated to open in two years. The new property will be Fattal’s eighth hotel in Tel Aviv and they have a 24.5-year lease on the building.

The property will boast 90 rooms spread over nearly 4000m2 and will be named The Kabala Centre. The design will be a collaborative effort between Feigin Architects firm and interior architect Ari Shaltiel.

Let’s take a look at a few more hotel projects by Fattal:

Leonardo Hotel Burgwall Dortmund

Leonardo Hotel Europaallee

NYX Hotel Warsaw


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The Fattal Hotels Chain is Israel’s largest hospitality organization, boasting 35 hotels under its management.


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