Far-reaching benefits of creating brand standards for hotels

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Suppliers

#HPGInternational shares the importance and benefits of #BrandStandards

While a hotel’s brand standards are a minimum quality requirement, they are also a key distinguishing factor among competing luxury brands. They help determine its value and have a significant impact on overall guest experience. Hotels with well-established even renowned brand standards are an obvious choice among travelers today.

Consistent brand standards are directly proportionate to consistent guest services. Design elements such as room layouts, requisite number of furniture pieces, guest amenities and others, all help shape a hotel’s brand standards. Therefore, brand standards are a critical component in the preparation of a comprehensive budget.

“Brand standards (or brand specifications) form the fundamentals of pricing,” explains Darryl Rego, Managing Director of HPG International Middle East & Africa (HPGI MEA). “Determining accurate standards during the budgeting and concept stages leave no room for error in the final deliverables. Ultimately, this shapes the hotel’s end value for years to come.”

Consultants at HPGI MEA work with developers, brand operators and the hotel’s design team during the budgeting and conceptual stages to prepare specifications. This ensures that all details are accounted for in the preliminary budget and BoQ. With a broad directory of brand standards, the HPGI MEA is prepared even in cases of insufficient information. With combined expertise to facilitate upcoming brands in the development of standards, HPGI MEA makes a strong case for their involvement during the pre-concept stages.

The process of creating brand standards is a crucial step for all project stakeholders as it orients discourse towards long-term planning. This can be especially impactful during nascent stages of the project. For instance, ensuring that relevant brand standards are applied to a 4-star boutique hotel will, in turn, also ensure that relevant re-orders will be placed for all OS&E items in alignment with the budget forecasted. If expertly advised, brand standards for newer properties can also have a significant impact on the hotel’s future funding.

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