Fairmont Designs introducing new Multi Engraved Layers Veneer technology

by | Jun 29, 2019 | Suppliers

Fairmont Designs as a leading furniture manufacture has always been seeking new materials that has potential to apply on furniture. And they are now introducing the new developed Multi Engraved Layers Veneer (MELV) technology as a solution to the luxury hospitality furniture market.
MELV is an innovational wood technique designed by ARRT studio, a start-up company focuses on wooden accessories designs. In order to create MELV, it starts by stacking and gluing different kinds, colors and grains of wood veneers, then go through a series of digital manufacturing processes to express art works or patterns.
The color of MELV patterns is featured by natural wood instead of painting or finishing. By cutting to the depth of different layers, the veneer creates a pattern that cannot only be seen but touched, which delivers much more catachrestic and connection to the end user compares to traditional veneer. More than that, with digital manufacturing processes, all these patterns are adjustable in computer to fit any custom’s need, such as sizes, angle or adding other messages. 
Furthermore, MELV patterns are able to apply on any material base, such as wood, metal or concrete. And it can be used on furniture, interior decoration and product design. Generally, MELV would be a widely application, highly customized and world unique wood expression technique. And all these catachrestic makes it a perfect fit to the high-end furniture market.

About the Supplier

Fairmont Designs focuses on supplying furniture to the global hospitality industry.





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