Facing the future: facial recognition the future of hotel check-ins

by | Dec 6, 2018 | General News

Singapore’s Swissotel The Stamford introduces automatic check-in counters with industry-first biometric facial recognition

At the end of August, Singapore’s Swissotel The Stamford introduced slick new technology to its check-in and check-out processes.

The multi-million dollar hotel transformation project involved automated check-in and check-out counters within the property’s lobby, accompanied by biometric facial recognition security features.

The idea, simply put, was to make these check-in and check-out processes more efficient for guests, reducing the time it takes in some cases to less than a minute per individual.

The process looks something like this: on arrival, a guest inputs reservation details as one does in an automatic kiosk in an airport; the system will then authenticate a booking in a matter of moments, finding a confirmation of a stay before next requesting valid identification documents to scan. Finally, as a security measure, the built-in biometric facial scanner will verify guest identities before the system goes on to complete the payment and check-in process.

The new technology is a biometric system able to identify and verify people using comparison and analysis of facial contour patterns, which it then maps back to images provided via scanning of the guests’ individual identification documents.

Automated check-in will also have functionality and a platform that offers guests the option to purchase room upgrades and other hotel promotions and services aimed at enhancing their stay and bolstering the property’s bottom line.

For the hotel industry, the technology promises a future that is paperless, streamlined, and a more efficient check-in experience for guests. One with potential to provide better service and to upsell add-ons.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway in Singapore:

Citadines Rochor Singapore

The Clan Hotel

Lyf One North Singapore



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