Expert’s Voice: David Caruso on the importance of project coordination in hotel renovations

by | May 19, 2018 | Suppliers

David Caruso from Bekins Commercial Installations (BCI) Worldwide about the importance of efficient project coordination

David Caruso, a business development executive at Bekins Commercial Installations (BCI) Worldwide tells us about the importance of clear and efficient project coordination for the successful renovation or refurbishment of a hotel or resort.

How guests perceive value

Perceived value is the key determining factor for a customer when deciding on which hotel they would like to stay at. The weight customers put on the different categories of “value” gives hotels a general direction on where they should put their resources, and what ADR (Average Daily Room Rate) they can target while still being competitive. When honing in on physical appearance and room design, the way to keep value up and also generate a competitive RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) is to have up-to- date, modern looking rooms and amenities. Generally speaking, hotels are able to do this through renovations or refurbishments. Whether it’s a new construction or it’s time for your property to have a minor, major, or master renovation, it’s important to plan ahead. Any delay in the project means time that customers are not in the rooms generating revenue for the property.

The importance of efficient project coordination

The most frequent causes of delays in hotel renovations are related to poor coordination between all of the parties involved in the execution phase, as well as inaccuracies in the planning and design phases that lead to significant changes in the execution phase. This is particularly problematic in the hospitality industry as many hotels do not have proper guidelines when it comes to renovations. This is why it is prudent to work with organisations who have expertise in this area. Bekins Commercial Installations (BCI) Worldwide has been working on these types of projects for over 30 years, and bring our knowledge and experience to every project we work on. Some typical services we provide include: labor for assembly and FF&E installation, transportation management, warehousing, project managers who stay on-site for the duration of the project, and a proprietary software system that allows BCI and its customers to manage and monitor each phase of the project.

Bekins Commercial Installations successes

Recent projects undertaken by BCI include the renovation of The Venetian (Macau), the grand opening of The Parisian (Macau), and the renovation of the Marina Bay Sands (Singapore). The Venetian involved a major renovation across 3,000 rooms. A renovation of this scale has its own challenges because a property will typically stay open to continue generating revenue while the refurbishment is taking place, so the coordination between the hotel and installer is of the utmost importance to ensure current customers are not affected by the work being done. The Parisian, on the other hand, was a new build and encompassed 3,000 rooms and the casino and podium areas of the hotel. Because the property was closed during the project, it allowed for more flexibility, such as the exclusive usage of lifts, which can help expedite the process. Mark McWhinnie, SVP of Resort Operations & Development for Sands China LTD, one of our long-standing clients had this to say: “BCI Worldwide Asia has been a valued partner for almost 10 years, with a proven track record in handling all aspects of our FF&E installations, including logistics, project management, and warehousing. We have found them to be extremely capable whether it is for a new build or major refurbishment and they can always be relied upon to meet our demanding deadlines.”


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