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by | May 17, 2019 | Suppliers

In showcasing the new WMF 5000 S+ fully automatic machine, the Geislingen coffee machine manufacturer is now demonstrating that it can also deliver its unique, digital solutions packages as standard to customers in the performance class that caters to upscale coffee requirements. It is also marking a world first through its Fresh Filtered Coffee technology, which enables the new WMF 5000 S+ to dispense both coffee specialities and filtered coffee. And to make everything even more convenient for users, there is a choice of different milk systems: Dynamic Milk, Easy Milk or Basic Milk, so coffee specialities and fresh filtered coffee can both be produced and served with milk.

As well as a 10-inch touch display which supports both video and audio output, sensor-controlled automatic cup height detection and high-performance preparation of coffee and hot tea in parallel (a feature supported by all 400 V models), this premium fully automatic machine also impresses with self-regulating networked technologies. To ensure delivery of consistent coffee quality of the highest level at all times, the WMF 5000 S+ monitors its own operation and will automatically adjust its machine settings if necessary. The technologies developed to make this possible include Dynamic Milk Assist for perfect milk management, Dynamic Coffee Assist to ensure the consistent quality of all espresso-based coffee specialities and the telemetry solution WMF CoffeeConnect.

Not only that, but the WMF 5000 S+ also features the Fresh Filtered Coffee technology concept – which provides both coffee specialities and fresh filtered coffee as dispensing options in a single machine for the very first time. The revolutionary technology is based on a bean-to-cup brewing cycle that is able to accommodate both popular speciality beverages and fresh filtered coffee. For each cup, the machine starts by freshly grinding and brewing a café crème or espresso; this is then filtered in a filter capsule and dispensed.

This process removes any sediment or oils, allowing the fresh filtered coffee to develop its characteristic aromatic taste. The coffee then flows back to the machine spout and into the cup. Optional milk systems such as WMF Dynamic Milk make it possible to adjust hot and cold milk and milk foam additions exactly as required. The machine performs all the other processes automatically without the need for any input from the user. This includes a well-thought-out, sensor-controlled monitoring concept that keeps an eye on various parameters and checks whether the filter system is in the correct position and working properly. An additional steam valve also ensures that each beverage is produced to the very highest standards of quality, with a taste, volume and temperature that is consistent every time.

Recommended to suit an average daily requirement of 250 cups and with dimensions of 32.5 cm x 59 cm x 71.6 cm (W/D/H), this premium fully automatic machine is able to provide an outstanding digital coffee experience even in situations where space is tight. With two bean hoppers available (700 grammes and 1100 grammes capacity), plus a powder hopper (accommodating 2000 grammes) and a manual insert for ground coffee, users can let their creativity run wild when devising coffee recipes. Every quality parameter – water, milk, coffee, chocolate or the addition of syrup – can be managed easily using the touch display. Users can access various template options and special functions, including a touch slider for customising cup volume. The fully automatic machine also has an adaptable look and feel, with the colour scheme and the language both easy to change. Another convenient feature is the ability to access handling videos, nutritional information and promotional offers.


― About the Supplier ―

WMF offers the right coffee solution for any concept, whether for filter coffee or preparation of coffee specialities such as espresso, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and much more.


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