This new wine by the glass dispenser, developed by EuroCave Professional, fulfils a requirement clearly identified and defined by professionals: to provide optimal service. Vin au Verre 8.0 offers design, temperature performance, the ability to control the amount of wine served and to see sales and preservation of open bottles, all easily managed thanks to the unique touch screen.

Wine by the glass is popular with consumers and sommeliers alike

“The ever-expanding practice of serving wine by the glass results in heightened sensory experiences and more dynamic wine lists.”

 width=, wine manager at La Mère Brazier, a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Lyon, France, is delighted with the change. And, by resolving the issues related to preserving bottles once they have been opened, the technologies surrounding wine service by the glass free up sommeliers, who no longer have to worry about wastage. All of which broadens the scope of options when it comes to recommending wines…

“Wine service demands a degree of ceremony: presenting the bottle, holding it tilted, while announcing the wine region, the producer’s name and the vintage, then serving the nectar from the right for tasting…” Christian Chevallier, sommelier at the legendary Hôtel Molitor restaurant in Paris’s 16th arrondissement, closely follows the traditional, highly detailed procedure, which is like a theatrical performance. The aim is to heighten the importance of the moment of tasting and ritualise it. Increasingly now, this also occurs when the sommelier, when offering suggestions, is able to propose a true exploration of wines to diners who are more and more eager to discover new wines and understand their background.

Profitability and increased turnover

Optimal wine storage EuroCave attaches a lot of importance to quality of wine service so that each wine drinking experience offers a full array of emotions. Vin au Verre 8.0 has two separate temperature compartments, allowing both red and white wines to be served at the correct temperature.

Open bottles can be stored for up to 3 weeks thanks to food quality nitrogen. Even the best Magnums can now be offered by the glass!

Vin au Verre 8.0 allows measures to be controlled: each tap has 3 measures which can all be independently set. The appliance records the glasses served and it is therefore easy to consult a statistical review on Vin au Verre 8.0 in order to find out which were the best sales for a given period and to determine what improvements can be made to the wine list.
It is also possible to connect Vin au Verre 8.0 to the till or set up the product in self-service mode.


Consumers now no longer taste just one wine, but a whole cellar or a terroir. Sébastien Claude, sommelier at the Hôtel Palafitte restaurant, on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, describes a change that is being felt throughout the world of sommellerie. “Neuchâtel production makes up 40% of our cellar. Œil-de-perdrix, Neuchâtel wines or sparkling wines… Our clients don’t just want to discover one wine, they want an overview of everything our terroir has to offer.” This expectation has driven the success of wine by the glass, meaning that orders can be individually tailored, as food courses are, a variety of flavours can be enjoyed, and curiosity satisfied.


 width=• 96% of restaurants with table service offer wine by the glass
• Wine by the glass represents 22% of wine sales
• On average, 9 wine labels are offered by the glass and this figure is increasing every year
• The average price of the most frequently sold wine by the glass label is €4.20 and has constantly been increasing since 2012



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