EUMAR captures accolades for its stylish and modern SPLIT bathroom series

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Suppliers

EUMAR’s SPLIT bathroom series, which started as a small washbasin for small bathrooms before growing into a fully functional surface washbasin, has captured several accolades as it has positioned itself as a viable choice for properties throughout the hospitality industry.

What’s powered much of the success of the EUMAR SPLIT bathroom series has been the way it integrates features that are perfect for hotel bathrooms, features such as clear lines, smooth surfaces, optional integrated toilet paper and towel holder openings. It also features the silky mat CreatCore or high-gloss white Gel-Ceramic finishes that offer a choice of equally sophisticated surfaces. Additional openings also means that faucets can be wall or basin mounted, according, of course to the preference of the property manager.

The SPLIT series really is a marriage of practical features an seamless design touches, one that makes it easy for hotel designers to invest in a washbasin that is highly durable and requires minimal attention and no everyday maintenance. Other space saving touches include Kleenex tissue box and hidden toilet paper holders that help save space, which is always at a premium in hotel design, while at the same time giving the bathroom a well-planned and compact look.

One of the highlights of the series is without question the LED illuminated mirror, which is an elegant and generously-sized round piece that compliments the set perfectly, adding a subtle and contemporary aesthetic that is likely to fit in with all of the latest trends sweeping through hospitality design. When a guest walks in and switches on the lights, the entire LED frame will light up. Simply put, this is a smart design, one that is no bigger than it needs to be, boasting tasteful and versatile modern looks that are sure to standout as impressive on any wall and in any hotel property.

This award-winning model is currently on display in Frankfurt in the iF Design Exhibition through February 18.


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