Equinoxe Collector’s Edition, inspiring nature elements allied with research in glazes, colours and textures

Equinoxe Collector’s Edition by Revol

Escape into a passionate journey to the heart of matter and the elements. The porcelain material in motion becomes the veins of nature.

An ode to nature: Celebrating with raw materials and natural colours

After celebrating the rhythm of the seasons with Equinoxe, nature continues to amaze and inspire with Equinoxe Collector’s Edition.

We feel inspired by the lapping of the waves, the immensity of the ocean, the lightness or the strength of the breeze, the green leaves sprinkled with drops under a storm…Revol Teams had all these elements in mind when creating this new collection, with unique light and deep blues reminding of the sky and the sea, a bronze-looking enamel for a touch of the land, in addition to exceptional patterns of swirling drops and moving waves.

A line with a pure white cotton matching outstanding finishes

Revol offers new colours and captivating enamels in this collection that will bring a unique personality to interiors for home design experts and lovers.

White is a key colour for our interiors, capturing the light and illuminating the place while showcasing delicately every dish. A new white cotton enamel is introduced in this Collector’s Edition: the very slightly powdery white surface is finely balanced with the lightly deglazed rim. This satiny, bright and very resistant white cotton creates a bridge between all the finishes of this line and blends perfectly with the original colours of Equinoxe.

The two major finishes, Rainforest and Ocean Vibes, are both handmade finishes bringing uniqueness to each piece. Present on the multiple available sizes of this edition, their patterns are particularly eye-catching and set the scene for precise plating.

A deep night blue gives a new rhythm and completes Ocean Vibes in small touches, revealing its intensity from the way it reflects the light around it. As for Rainforest, a bronze enamel matches its pattern nicely. These colours on the presentation plates add an interesting and attractive touch to the decor.

Revol’s lively, contemporary ceramic plates come with infinite variations. They punctuate the dining table with rhythm and vivacity worn by a subtle and orchestrated decoration.

Equinoxe Collector’s Edition is great for interchanging pieces, and mixing and matching on the table. It allows for a unique and unstructured table setting.

Exploring new themes and concepts

While it evokes tropical and marine atmospheres, this collection does not limit itself. On the contrary, it provides freedom of creativity, inspiring patterns to work with and display their culinary creations.

Think of an urban environment with metallic drops on the plate, and green to add nature into it…Ocean Vibes and Rainforest offer unlimited possibilities, enhanced with their great narrative force.

These blue enamels bring back history, reminding of “les bleus de Saint-Uze”, blue ceramics made by Revol and other factories in Saint-Uze, back in the late 19th century / early 20th. In addition, Ocean Vibes’ finish evokes the traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, 青花瓷 (Qing Hua). The colours are close and invite travelling back in time to the era of majestic Chinese porcelain.



Revol Porcelain is a French family-owned culinary porcelain manufacturer since 1768, blending tradition with innovation.