Effortless ECO, Noken solutions for effortless sustainable hotels

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Sustainability is no longer a trend, but a responsibility. Current tourism generates 5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and efficient hotels are key to getting more sustainable tourism. More and more solutions, habits and behaviour that the hotel sector is including to alleviate this footprint, such as the progressive elimination of single-use plastics, the incorporation of recycled building materials or clothing, efficient appliances, biodegradable products, and gastronomic zero mile offers.

This change in behaviour has both an economic and social return.

According to a 2014 study carried out by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the Hotel Technology Institute (HTI), 90% of travellers prefer to opt for a sustainable hotel, and furthermore, some 34% are willing to pay more for them. A growing awareness among millennials for whom sustainability is a priority, according to Nielsen.

In addition, the world not only saves on resources, but also on accommodation. There, water and energy consumption can be reduced and hence, its economic efficiency.

“With the fast growth of international tourism, sustainable tourism has become a responsibility for large companies. Noken, from PORCELANOSA Grupo, has spent years banking on productive models and designs with more respectful solutions. We are committed to the development of materials which contribute to achieving more sustainable, viable and profitable hotel businesses, offering effortless water, energy and economic savings for both chains and designers and people. Taking care of the environment without compromising room quality or guest comfort.“ – Manuel Rubert, CEO from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

The WaterForest range: hotels which save up to 89% of water in the bathroom

The bathroom, next to the bed, is one of the spaces to which travellers dedicates more time, and there we can consume up to 73% of water.

In the hotels of the future, technology is simplified and becomes a way of improving energy efficiency and contributing to sustainability. Systems of simple use and high comfort, which help hotels and people to be responsible without any effort.

WaterForest is Noken’s commitment to sustainability. It includes a range of products which help to save up to 89% of water, as well as energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

The alternatives are real:

  • ECO double flush systems for toilets, they allow a water flush to meet each need and, up to 61% of water can be saved. – Shower heads and hand showers with AIR ECO technology, in which water is mixed with air and its consumption is reduced by 10% without affecting comfort.
  • Taps and shower heads that, without affecting people’s comfort, limit water consumption to a maximum of litres per minute regardless of pressure, reducing water use by up to 89%.
  • Cold opening systems in taps, which avoid unnecessary energy costs.
  • Thermostatic shower taps, which save more water and energy than the single lever shower mixer, or LED technology for mirrors and light fixtures are also a way of saving, since they consume up to 80% less energy; they produce the same amount of light and also last longer.Solutions which also encourage hotels to obtain the LEED and BREEAM certifications for sustainable buildings.

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Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is the PORCELANOSA Group company specialised in bathroom fittings.


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