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EcoBurner launches range of waterless chafing dishes that offers chefs an alternative to mundane buffet presentations

by | May 2, 2019 | Suppliers

EcoServe is powered by EcoBurner and is changing the style of buffets worldwide while saving water, reducing waste going to landfill and cutting carbon emissions.

Tempting buffet displays, sustainable systems and guests will return for more. That’s the idea behind EcoServe. Ecotourism is big business and any hotel that can show their engagement in responsible tourism is seeing returns. EcoServe is a highly efficient system of keeping food hot at buffets. Available in three sizes and various colours, it gives chefs the opportunity to display their buffet food creations in style as the look and feel of EcoServe is a million miles away from the large vats of food hotel guests are all too often presented with.

Commenting on EcoServes’ performance, Alan A. Ramirez Cobos who is the Executive Chef at the Ocean Riviera Paradise hotel in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico has been using an early version for the last few months and he said ‘…the dishes he presents in EcoServes look so much more appealing and guests often comment that the buffet looks great. It’s much easier for our waiting staff to swap over dishes too, there’s no messing about with pans of water and our set-up time is much faster as we don’t have to wait for any water to come to temperature’. Alan also mentioned that ‘…it’s much quicker and safer to set up for outdoor events with EcoServe as we don’t have to carry any water to site and the hotplates are ready to use in less than 5 minutes.’

Developed using thermal engineering to maximise heat efficiency, EcoServe is powered by EcoBurner which has been proven to produce 75% less carbon than traditional chafing fuels. Industry standard chemical chafing fuels such as gel or wick pots are hazardous to handle and the leftover fuel along with each metal pot is usually sent to landfill after just one use. While the war on plastic is still waging with the emergence of paper straws everywhere, EcoBurner are fighting their own battles to replace these toxic, environmental nightmares with their own eco-friendly alternative to chafing fuels.

The EcoBurner is a refillable burner that is placed under the EcoServe or any chafing dish to supply a portable heat source that is safer, cleaner and greener. It uses a specially developed butane/ propane mix of gas, supplied in canisters. Each canister contains approximately five refills of gas and can then be recycled so no fuel is wasted and there’s no leftover toxic fuel going to landfill.


― About the Supplier ―

EcoBurner Ltd. offers sustainable solutions to buffets in the hospitality and catering industries worldwide.


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