Dusit International teams up with Japan’s Prince Hotels for Staff Exchange Programme

by | Feb 26, 2017 | Chains

As part of its strategic marketing alliance, global hospitality company Dusit International, together with Japan’s largest hotel chain, Prince Hotels, has launched a Staff Exchange Programme, starting this month.

The companies entered into a strategic partnership in February 2015 with the aim of strengthening brand awareness in the region by leveraging their sales and marketing resources and networks, thereby creating opportunities for cross-selling, marketing and promotion.

The new Staff Exchange Programme builds on these foundations by enabling both companies to share local expertise and hospitality knowledge to best cater for guests from Japan and Thailand, key feeder markets for each company respectively.

In the first exchange, staff from Prince Hotels will spend time at the Front Office and Concierge of the Dusit Thani Bangkok and DusitPrincess Srinakarin Bangkok hotels to get familiar with their operations. Reciprocally, Dusit staff will visit Prince Hotels in Japan. Participants will receive on-the-job training and take part in classroom activities to deepen their understanding of Japanese and Thai hospitality cultures.

“The Staff Exchange Programme will provide rich, first-hand experience for hotel staff from both companies,” said Mr. Takao Sato, Corporate Director Managing Administrator of Prince Hotels Inc. “While our employees will gain direct exposure to Thai culture and Dusit’s gracious hospitality, Dusit’s staff will be able to learn more about omotenashi – the Japanese spirit of hospitality and service. The idea is that by sharing the best practices of both companies, our respective staff will be better equipped to meet and surpass guests’ expectations, the hallmark of excellent hospitality experience.”

Dr Niramol Jindanuwat, Chief People Officer, Corporate Human Resources, Dusit International, said, “The Staff Exchange Programme is an excellent way for Dusit to deepen its partnership with Prince Hotels. Going beyond sales and marketing purposes, this new initiative provides an excellent opportunity for staff from each company to bolster their skill sets and enhance service delivery. We look forward to making the programme a success.”


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