TOPHOTELNEWS caught up with industry leader , consulting editor for SUPPER Magazine at the recent TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event in London. We spoke to her about her biggest career mistakes and what she has learned from them.



has come into the hospitality industry from a background in finance, but actually she has always had an interest in hospitality, having worked in the service industry since she was a teenager. After working for CitiBank as a financial analyst and member of the corporate and investment bank team, Rande completed an MBA in Hospitality Administration and Management in Switzerland before joining Puccini Group to grow their operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In 2014 she set up her own company, an F&B, design and events consultancy business that helps clients to strategise to find their niche in the market. She is also the consulting editor for SUPPER Magazine.

Biggest career mistake

Rande cautions against working with your passions and your heart over your head. She says that the most important thing, in both business and your personal life, is to not be too trusting initially. The best working relationships are built over time, and it takes time to establish real trust with someone, whether they are your business partner, architect, designers, contractor, hotel operator or client. She says that the consequences can be disastrous if you lead with your heart on a passion project instead of holding back and making sure that the right type of trust is in place. She says that it is imperative not to trust too easily.

Lessons learned

Like many other industry professionals, Rande thinks that making mistakes is all part of a person’s career trajectory. The important thing, she says, is not the making of the mistake, but learning from it, and not to go on to the next thing after you have made a mistake without assessing the risks that could once again be repeated. It is always important to evaluate your mistakes so you won’t make them again. Regardless of how much you really want the project, it is important to double and triple check with yourself that you will not end up making the same mistakes as you did before. She says that at the end of the day, all of the projects are commercial, so the market and the structure will dictate the terms, no matter how much you want to put your own mark on the project.

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