Details Emerge About New Company Created by Destination and Commune Hotels Merger

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Chains

After Destination and Commune Hotels announced their merger, they were left with more than 95 properties in eight different countries and approximately $2 billion of total property revenues. They were also left with a new company that did not have a name.

That has since changed. Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels & Resorts have recently revealed the brand new name for their joint company: Two Roads Hospitality. The company will make its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and its leadership will be comprised of Jamie Sabatier, former CEO of Destination Hotels, and Niki Leondakis, former CEO of Commune Hotels & Resorts. Leondakis will serve as the CEO of Hotels & Resorts, a capacity in which she will manage hotel property financial performance, marketing, sales, operations, and other responsibilities. Meanwhile, Sabatier will be CEO of Two Roads Hospitality, a position that will require focus on finance and operations. In an interview with, Sabatier said this arrangement would cater to the two executives strengths, making the company all the better for it.

In a media release, Sabatier also said, “We have already witnessed the numerous benefits of our merger from an operational and financial standpoint, and we only anticipate continued success ahead. Together, we have expanded and strengthened opportunities for our owners, driving profitability while still providing new and distinctive offerings to travelers across our collection of independent hotels, resorts and restaurants.”

When the merger was first announced Leondakis and Sabatier told reporters that they would be bringing in a third party to help them craft their new company name. It turns out that the help they needed was available within a classic work by famed poet Robert Frost. The company’s name is a direct reference to Frost’s idea of the “road less traveled.”

In the wake of the merger, Two Roads has reaffirmed its commitment to offering an innovative experience to its guests in all of its locales, including both urban areas and resorts. During the Skift Global Forum last month in New York, Leondakis also said that her company’s properties must find new and special ways to stand apart.

“Boutique and lifestyle hotels are all beginning to look and act alike,” she said at the event. In order to stand apart, she said Two Roads must foster “disruption from the inside out.”

The main point Leondakis emphasized was adding a human element to the hospitality business, treating guests like people, and encouraging staff members to go out of their way to make a connection. While technology is important, that’s only one road. Providing the best possible customer service is the other pathway that Leondakissaid she hopes to use in driving Two Roads Hospitality to success.


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