Designers move away from neutrals and onto bolds in 2019

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Design

As the year passes its halfway point, it’s time to look ahead to what’s on the horizon in design for the coming twelve months. Neutrals are on the way out, and big, bold colours are on the way in. We check out this new design shift.

Bye bye neutrals

For the past number of years, hotel interiors have gone heavy on neutrals. Calming tones of wheat, beige, grey and suave pastels have been all the rage, accentuated with flickers of gold and chrome in details and finishings. Natural tones have been all the rage, whether it is a plush carpet in a reception area or upholstery on bedroom furniture. This design trend has worked particularly well in exotic resorts and luxury properties, where it evokes a feeling of tranquility and peace. But things are set to change in 2019.

Hello beautiful bolds

Designers from all corners of the world are looking forward to mixing it up in the coming year, as neutrals make way to bold colours in all areas of the hotel. A trend that is set to be seen a lot is that in which bold colour pairings transform a room, with accent walls in new colours such as “Night Watch”, a deep green that lends an air of modernity mixed with edginess, mixed with complementary colours such as blushes, pinks and burnt orange. Designer Lela Richardson says, “I actually really like dark green. There are a few ways I see it coming out: One is you have this really moody, dramatic opportunity to see it as an accent or throughout the whole space. As an accent, you see it gives a very powerful statement, but then throughout the space, especially in smaller spaces like restaurants or speakeasies, I can see it used holistically —in the walls, in accents and in furniture, fixtures and equipment.”

Colour washing in vogue

Colour washing is another trend that is set to be big in 2019. It involves taking one colour and create a harmonious palette in the room with different, complementary shades of that colour. Designer Christine Shanahan says, ““What I think we’re enjoying is a renaissance of color again,” she said. “People not being afraid to be bold and be colorful, and we’re seeing the color washing is where we see very, very interesting pairings of off colors, unexpected colors or unusual color pairing, and they create such energy in the room.”

Inspired by nature

While neutrals invoke shades from natural materials such as stone or wood, a new trend that will appear in 2019 will be influenced by nature in a different way. Colours, as well as details and flourishes, will take their inspiration directly from nature, namely the popularity of greenery in domestic settings. Expect to see green walls, hanging baskets and extravagant vegetation adorning hotel interiors in 2019.


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