Cut hotel opening delays by looking outside the box

by | 24 Mar 2021 | Suppliers

Wood Couture furniture packaging with shock stickers

Increase the chances of hitting the ever-elusive target hotel opening date by looking outside the box – literally outside the packaging box!

The joy of unboxing is a modern pleasure in the age when almost anything can be delivered to your doorstep. Receiving a shipment of new luxury hotel furniture, however, can be a source of uncertainty and anxiety as stakes run considerably higher. Undiscovered issues seem to await like a whole Schrödinger’s cat scenario until the time comes for unboxing.

Most of the time, everything is well, and all the items are delivered in the condition expected. However, being prepared for that one time when that one thing goes wrong is essential. Having to repair or replace damaged items could delay the project schedule – coordinating the replacement pieces and potentially delaying the hotel’s opening date!

As much as small things can usher in big problems, elegant solutions also come in small, considered details. Wood Couture has one such solution by using ‘shock stickers’ on packaging boxes when delivering hotel furniture and other loose items to clients.

The shock sticker works as an indicator for when a package has taken on a force beyond a tolerable level, eg more than normal handling or shaking. It only takes a quick check for a red mark on the indicator and our logistics partners can communicate and coordinate the action needed for all boxes with potential damage. No need to wait for shipments to reach the site and go through the receiving and unboxing process!

How does a shock sticker work? A red dye is suspended within the indicator area using surface tension which dissipates when the package it is attached to sustains an excess of its tolerable G force.

There are five varieties that can be used depending on the volume and weight of the package and expected drop height. Who would’ve thought that a non-assuming sticker using physics and plain ingenuity enables anyone with sensitive and important packages to get ahead of a possible disaster?

Wood Couture uses yellow and purple sticker types when delivering furniture, artwork for large walls and sensitive hotel room accessories. Coupled with clear and organised labelling on all packages, shock stickers allow suppliers to be more agile in responding and remediating issues encountered in the delivery of final goods to clients.

True to total quality management, Wood Couture creates a sixth sense for projects and clients when it comes to the furniture items being delivered, adding confidence in achieving that hotel opening date!

Read more on the Wood Couture website.

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