Curtains rise on final TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event of 2018 in Vienna

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Events

The seventh and final event on 2018 will take place in the SO/ Vienna Hotel on the 6th of December. We will have four keynote presentations that will give detailed insights about different aspects of the hospitality industry.

The seventh and final TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event of 2018 is all set to take place in Vienna’s SO Vienna Hotel on December 6th, and is not to be missed. We take a look inside some highlights of this now legendary day-long conference.

Keynote Presentations

With each event, the TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR gets bigger, better and more ambitious, packing in engaging, compelling content into a full morning and afternoon of talks, discussions, presentations and networking sessions.

In Vienna, there will be four keynote presentations that will delve deep into different aspects of the industry. Heather White from Smarter Networking will kick things off by tackling the issue of effective and forthcoming networking, giving delegates an insight into how the best forms of networking will help you build long-lasting relationships.

In the afternoon, TOPHOTELPROJECTS CEO Rolf W. Schmidt will present the latest details and statistics from Europe and its project pipeline, with a special focus on hotel development in the DACH region. DACH is an acronym for D — Deutsch (German), A — Österreich (Austria), and CH — Schweiz (Switzerland)

Entrepreneur Carsten K. Rath will then take to the stage to talk about service excellence in new hospitality concepts, followed by the final keynote presentation of the day, given by Emanuel Tutek and Christian Ott-Sessay from Horwath HTL, who will elaborate on trends in the hospitality industry, from the hyper local to the mega global.

Panel Discussion

One of the key highlights, the panel discussion in Vienna will see F&B strategist Heleri Rande moderate a discussion around the issue of how the hotel industry’s future customers and guests will impact it.

The industry has experienced significant changes in its customer demographic in recent years, with millennials proving much harder to capture than the outgoing Baby Boomer generation. Gen-Next is soon to be on the horizon, so what will this mean for the future of the industry?

Anne Van Wetteren from 25hours, Silke Borgstedt from the SINUS Institute, Barbara Gonzalez from BAGO Hotel Solutions, Stella Van Toor from Hotelschool the Hague and Nick Yasiney from Hotelschool the Hague will all take to the stage to debate this hot topic.

Some of the questions they will be seeking answers to include: “What will the hotel guest of 2030 look like?”, “How can the hospitality industry better prepare to welcome future generations?”, and “How to strike a balance between hitting revenue targets and authenticity for tomorrow’s increasingly ethical, socially minded and maybe even sometimes vain travellers?”.

It is sure to be an exciting and stimulating conversation.



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― About the Event ―

TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR is an exclusive one-day networking conference for leaders of the hospitality industry.


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