Crystal Valley: the heart of high quality chandeliers and home to Preciosa Lighting

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Suppliers

The most beautiful crystal chandeliers that decorate large historical palaces, museums, opera houses and hotels around the world come from a small, mountainous region in north Bohemia: Crystal Valley.

Thanks to the region’s natural wealth and especially due to local craftsmanship and talent, the glassmaking traditions of Kamenický Šenov, home to Preciosa Lighting’s main production facility, have remained unspoiled for centuries. The oldest glassworks site found in Crystal Valley dates back to 1250. From the 17th Century crystal clear glass, called Bohemian Crystal, started to be melted down and shaped. This glass became a local speciality and became so popular around the world, that the Czech lands became the most important glass exporter in the world by the mid-18th Century. At this time the first workshops specialising in the production of crystal lights started to appear in Crystal Valley. The oldest professional glassmaking school in Europe has operated in Kamenický Šenov since 1856 and this, together with the local tradition of fathers passing glassmaking skills down to their children, has had a major impact on the craft and technical skills of local master glassmakers. To this day, local people continue to protect the glass making secrets of their ancestors as part of the local tradition.Today Crystal Valley is still the most important region in the world for the production of crystal chandeliers.

In early 2017, in the heart of Prague, a new chapter in Preciosa’s rich Bohemian Crystal history began. Whilst cherishing the traditions of the last three hundred years, and honouring the iconic designs of this history, at its new Flagship Store Preciosa presents the brilliance and craftsmanship of its chandeliers for the next generation to experience.


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Preciosa is a Czech based lighting manufacturer providing unique and stylish custom-made design based on the craftsmanship of whole generations of glassmakers.

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