Cosmopolitan: The new Eatery porcelain collection from Tafelstern

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Suppliers

The content of today’s menus is cosmopolitan: this is not only a good travel companion, it is also clear proof that the world of gastronomy and its guests have become more adventurous and courageous in their global search for food experiences.

While specialities and typical dishes from other cultures remind some guests of their last trips, others enjoy the opportunity to broaden their gourmet horizons without having to pack their bags: Ethnic food or the latest trends from faraway places can now be found in the restaurant next door, which is increasingly becoming and extension of the living room at home. People meet here in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, forget the constraints of etiquette and set out to explore uncharted culinary terrain.

The ‘Buddha Bowls’ revisit ethnic food trends and have their origins in the Clean Eating movement. The foods in Buddha Bowls are piled so high that the domed contents are reminiscent of the belly of a Buddha statue. The choice of foods to be served in a classic Buddha-Bowl is entirely up to you. Firm favourites are authentic, natural or vegetarian whole foods. Rich or sweet, cooked or raw – in every case they are fascinating delights that simply demand to be presented in style.

Gabrielle Dettelbacher, Head of Marketing at Tafelstern: ‘This is where our new Eatery porcelain collection in finest bone white Noble China comes into play. It offers bowls of various sizes, with and without lids that can be perfectly combined with the coupe plates and platters from the Delight collection, for instance to bring the trend of sharing to the table. To ensure true-to-style presentation of food concepts, the collection also offers a small sauce bowl, a rest for chopsticks, gourmet spoons and a small jug without a handle. Thanks to the diversity of shapes and sizes, the collection always offers an ideal setting for an enormous variety of food concepts.’


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TAFELSTERN is the brand name for the ambitious international restaurant and hotel segment.

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