Comfort Brand Renaissance Drives Major Market Growth

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Chains

Choice Hotels International, Inc., which is one of the largest hotel companies in the entire world, has continued to work diligently to transform its Comfort brand.

The way that Choice Hotels has done this is through making bold moves and substantial investments. Aggressive expansion has also served Choice Hotels well as it has worked to create a renaissance of sorts for the Comfort brand. In fact, Comfort is planning to again open more than one hotel for each week in 2018. This plan is supported by a roaring and robust pipeline that currently contains more than 300 properties, 80 percent of which are designated as new construction.

Choice Makes a Major Investment in Comfort

To support recent growth and transformation of the Comfort brand, Choice and its franchisees will invest more than $2.5 billion in what is the company’s flagship brand.

This major investment is being driven by the Move to Modern initiative, which is a system-wide update and commitment to the properties’ public spaces and guest rooms.

Anne Smith, vice president of brand management and design for Choice Hotels, recently had this to say in a statement: “With over 1,800 properties across North America, we’re everywhere guests want to travel, whether on leisure or business, and we look forward to bringing the brand to even more major markets in 2018. Our decision to commit to improving the Comfort brand was the right one as the transformation has fortified the brand’s position in the upper midscale segment and led to one of the largest pipelines in its history.”

Bringing Comfort to More Markets

As part of the aggressive expansion, Choice will, of course, be bringing the comfort brand to many new markets.

In fact, Choice plans to bring comfort to several roaring primary markets in 2018, markets that have seen much growth and have transformed into hospitality hubs because of it. Chief among those markets are Austin, Texas; Asheville, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Dallas; Denver; and Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, Comfort will be coming to existing major markets such as New York City and San Diego, as well as to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

All of this will result in a series of high profile hotel openings across the country.

“The Comfort brand is a proven leader in the upper midscale segment and there is continued runway for growth throughout the country,” said Brian Quinn, head of development, new construction brands, Choice Hotels. “Developer interest in the Comfort brand remains strong due to the brand’s prototype, value proposition, and strong return on investment.”


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