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by | Dec 17, 2018 | Suppliers

If you’re looking for a way to protect your hotel’s revenue by reducing unplanned expenses, spend a few minutes reading this article which exposes the true costs of bed bug infestations and how to get ahead of the problem. In other words, this is a case for allocating procurement dollars prior to the opening of new properties towards a mattress encasement strategy to protect your hotel from inevitable bed bug related expenses.

This investment will save each hotel as much as 15x the cost of the product

Procurement teams, when tasked with sourcing activities, vendor evaluation, and negotiation of contracts of goods and services to support a hotel and its profitability often overlook the future damages and costs of inevitable bed bug infestations.

Hotels usually come up short when developing preventative bed bug measures, and often make the mistake of assigning too much of the burden to their pest control service plans. Pest control service plans help with routine inspection and remediation services, but do not preemptively protect your bedding assets (and your guests) from bed bug infestations. A figure to keep in mind is the average cost of bed bug remediation per guest room – which can easily be as high as $5,000 per incident. The missing puzzle piece is a “Preemptive” mattress encasement plan in which your hotel will encase its mattresses as a preemptive measure to avoid the costly fallouts of a bed bug infestation.

The concept of Preemptive encasements

The concept of a “Preemptive” encasement is new to hospitality because the action of encasing mattresses has always been a “reactive” measure to bed bug infestations and sightings. Hotels have come around to the fact that “Preemptive” encasements provide a number of benefits beyond the typical product features like bed bug protection, waterproofing, allergen blocking and so on. The additional benefits we are referring to are large financial savings by avoiding the costly expenses related to bed bug infestation which include 1) remediation costs, 2) spoiled mattresses and furniture, 3) brand damage 4) bad online reviews 5) and lawsuits from bed bug bite victims. By forecasting the year-over-year savings in bed bug remediation costs, room outages, bad reviews and lawsuits from bed bug infestation across 10 years, which is the lifespan of CleanRest PRO mattress encasements, each hotel can realize a total savings roughly 15 times the original costs to protect the mattress.

The big payback

An anonymous hotel management group responsible for 10 hotels shared their bed bug remediation and mattress spoilage costs prior to and after encasing their mattresses.

The results were astounding as bed bug related expenses dropped from $76,723.80 per year to $5,855.00 per year. That’s a 92.3% reduction of expenses, a $70,868 yearly savings. Spread across 10 years, the management group is projected to save $708,688.00 in bed bug related expenses!

Calculate your ROI, and request product samples

Connect with CleanRest today to discuss your expected savings, and to receive a complimentary sample of CleanRest PRO products.

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