Cleanbrands explains how to choose bed bug blocking mattress encasements

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Deny bed bugs of their preferred hiding location

Without a preemptive bed bug prevention action plan, bed bugs will certainly flourish in your hotel, and you will incur costly expenses like: remediation, rooms closure, brand damage, spoiled bedding, and lawsuits from bed bug bite victims. Part of your action plan is to encase your mattress and box springs with bed bug blocking encasements. Choosing the proper mattress encasement sounds easy – just pick one that says, “Blocks bed bugs, lab tested”. Unfortunately, you cannot buy an encasement based on the product or a single feature callout alone.

Bed bug blocking mattress encasements are not all constructed the same. So, here’s a number of features you must require for your hotel if your goal is “long lasting, effective, and reliable performance” from your encasement choice.


The encasement must be a 6-sided and zippered. In other words, the encasement shall completely encapsulate the mattress. Encasements are not to be confused with the fitted-sheet style mattress protectors made to protect the sleep surface from normal wear. These two products do not serve the same purpose.


The encasement must have a way to fortify the zipper clasp area.The zipper clasp has several small crevices that bed bugs, especially bed bug nymphs (babies) will use as passage in or out of the encasement – and not all zipper clasp fortification devices are the same. As you can see, this “bed bug blocking, lab tested” mattress encasement uses a Velcro flap to cover the clasp and it clearly does not work.

CleanRest’s patented Zip-N-Click bed bug blocking zipper enclosure has become the trusted zipper protection device by hotels around the world. Reason being, Zip-N-Click will snap shut, forming a seel around the zipper clasp and creating a clicking sound when properly closed.


The encasement must be waterproof, breathable, and can withstand spot cleaning at the same time. Why? As much as you want to protect your mattress from accidental spills, your guests do not want to sleep on a hot bed. Most waterproof mattress encasements will increase the temperature of the mattress. Look for an encasement supplier who can demonstrate breathability. Spot cleaning is also important as you can clean up spills without having to remove the encasement for laundering.


The encasement must be made from allergen barrier fabric. Look for a quality fabric, one that has a microscopic poor size. FYI: dust mites and their fecal matter (which cause allergic reactions) are as small as 10 microns – the poor size of reliable allergen barrier fabric must be smaller.

CleanRest encasements are made with MicronOne allergen barrier fabric. Meaning, the pore size of the fabric is just 1 micron. MicronOne fabric is known to allergen sufferers as the go-to choice to alleviate nighttime allergic reactions from allergens stuck in your mattress. For comparison, popular allergens like dust mite fecal matter is measured at 10 microns, and pet dander will average 2.5 microns. Sleep well knowing allergens cannot infest the mattress to ensure your hotel will not promote night-time allergic reactions.


The encasement must have stretch sidewalls. Your mattresses might vary in depth, and stretchy sidewalls will ensure a snug, wrinkle free fit on all mattress depths to ensure your guests cannot detect the encasement. A snug, smooth fit also means bed bugs have less places to hide beneath folds of fabric, allowing them to be quickly detected by hotel staff.

CleanRest’s mattress encasements are built with breathable stretch sidewalls to ensure a perfect fit on any mattress depth.


The encasement must have structural integrity in the seams. What good is a mattress encasement if the seams pull? Or don’t hold up in the laundry? Or unravel? Specifically, a good seem has bonded finish. A reliable encasement supplier will demonstrate their seems.

CleanRest products are made with internal seam binding for ultimate seam strength that will not rip or unravel.


Lastly, look for a 10-year warranty. The encasement supplier will warranty their product if they’re confident of the structural integrity and efficacy. Preemptive encasements must last the useful life of the bed you’re protecting, and this is possible with quality mattress encasements. Most encasement suppliers will warranty their product for 2 to 3 years, but they’re cheap, and you’ll have to replace them at record pace.

The CleanRest PRO zippered mattress encasement is engineered to last 10 years and warrantied for the same duration for commercial use, which includes a regular laundering schedule!


1)  The CleanRest PRO Mattress Encasement is the first and last encasement you’ll need for the bed you’re defending from bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, and accidental spills due it’s 10-year performance warrantee. PRO’s lifespan allows you to preemptively defend your mattresses from bed bug infestation which reduces your amount of lost revenue due to room closures, lawsuits, bedding spoilage, bed bug remediation, bad reviews, and brand damage. For this reason, CleanRest advises all hospitality properties to preemptively encase their mattresses with PRO encasements to protect your guests, mattress assets, and bottom line from the high costs of recurring bed bug infestations.

Contact CleanRest for a free sample, and to learn how quickly your hotel will earn a 100% return of investment of mattress encasement costs.

2)  The new CleanRest PLATINUM encasing mattress pad is a 6-sided zippered encasement with a waterproof quilted replaceable top for easy laundering. CleanRest PLATINUM will replace up to 3 products currently used to protect your bedding 1) the mattress pad 2) the waterproof mattress protector 3) the bed bug blocking encasement. Along with improving your guests sleep experience, this product is designed to lower the cost of utility bedding by reducing the number of inventoried products to satisfy the demands of bed bug protection, waterproofing, and additional comfort.

Contact Cleanrest for a free sample of CleanRest PLATINUM


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