Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group prepares for familiar name change

by | Mar 6, 2018 | General News, News

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group will change its name next month, officially becoming the Radisson Hotel Group after its most popular brand

When Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group changes its name next month, it will be embracing a moniker that is familiar to many hotel guests throughout the world, officially becoming the Radisson Hotel Group.

The change is an effort on the part of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group to better embrace its marquee hotel brand as it works to continue asserting itself as one of the largest hospitality companies in not just the industry, but in the entire world. According to reports, the leadership of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group plans to leverage what they see to be wider awareness of the Radisson hotel brand name, or so they are to have said at a presentation during the company’s recent investors day even in Frankfurt, Germany.

More Name Change Info

In fact, in a sign of things to come the company has already changed its legal name from Carlson Hotels Inc. to Radisson Hospitality Inc. in November. This came after late 2016 when the Chinese conglomerate HNA Tourism Group closed on its purchase of Carlson Hotels, acquiring the hotel company’s wide portfolio of brands, which included the Country Inns & Suites, as well as three different successful Radisson chains.

In the aftermath of that sale, Carlson went on to complete several other company wide changes, including new leadership appointments as well as a restructuring.

Leaving the Nest

To understand the significance of these moves, one must first understand the history of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. Carlson Hotels was a Minnetonka-based hotel chain that grew larger and eventually partnered with Rezidor Hotel Group, making it its European sister company.

Now, however, company officials have sought to distance themselves from the Carlson family that no longer owns the company, with one official having told reporters that these moves are kind of like a little bird stepping out of the nest and going out on its own.

More Company Background

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group at its peak was one of the largest hotel groups in the world, with a major global footprint that it spent years expanding. Experts say the company is currently exploring its options for a new location, and that it remains committed to keeping its headquarters located in Minnesota where it has been for many years.

At present, the Radisson Hotel Group operates roughly 1,400 hotels around the world, including 730 in the Americas, as well as 500 in Europe and 200 in Asia. All told, the company has properties in more than 114 countries, giving it a reach that has made it a distinctive and prominent global hotel brand.


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