Cambria Hotels Pilot Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee Program at Select Properties

by | Mar 10, 2018 | Chains

Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, today added nitro brew and cold brew coffee in select Cambria Hotels across the country as part of a six-week pilot.

This pilot enhances the Cambria brand’s distinct experiences and simple, guilt-free indulgences that allow guests to treat themselves while on the road. Cold brew continues to gain popularity, as Americans are ordering cold brew in record numbers, with demand growing 340 percent from 2010 to 2015, according to research firm Mintel.

Three Cambria HotelsCambria Hotel Los Angeles – LAX in Los Angeles, CA, Cambria Hotel Madison in Madison, Wisc., and Cambria Hotel White Plains – Downtown in White Plains, NY, – are piloting the nitro and cold brew coffee.

The hotels will also create signature coffee cocktails, using cold brew and nitro brew, into unique mixtures inspired by the surrounding city.

Cold brew is coffee brewed with room temperature or cold water over a 12 to 24-hour brew time, giving it a smoother, deeper flavor. Unlike regular hot brewed coffee, cold brew is never exposed to heat. Nitro brew is cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas that creates a creamy stout-like effect served straight from the tap.


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