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Burgess Furniture supplies everything you need for conference, dining and reception facilities

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Suppliers

British furniture manufacturers have been making some of the hospitality industry’s most iconic furniture for over half a decade. The father of the current company chairman was inspired to create a timeless stacking, aluminium chair after founding the GB Cycling Company, and noticed how the moulded aluminium of the handlebar could be transferred to the burgeoning banqueting industry. Burgess was the first manufacturer in Europe to make the classic banquet chair, and since then they have expanded their range of furniture to include variations on the stacking aluminium banquet chair, and a whole range of 20 collections appropriate for conference facilities, meeting rooms and event spaces. The collections are divided into Classic and Design, ideal for both traditional banquet and conference rooms or those with more of a contemporary edge.

Not content with designing and manufacturing some of the most widely-used conference chairs, Burgess are also devise spatial solutions for conference rooms through the creation of their tables. Many of their tables are folding, allowing them to be configured in a number of different ways and to be easily stored when not in use. This is of paramount importance, as the demands on the conference or banquet space will change with every event, and the furniture the hotel uses needs to reflect this flexibility. The company also recognises the need for hoteliers and purchasers to have the convenience of being able to source much of their furniture needs from the one supplier, and because of this they have created a complementary range of soft seating for reception or ante spaces. These armchairs and sofas can be paired with side tables and ottomans that can also double as seating to create flexible waiting or relaxation spaces, especially important for day-long events or conferences. Burgess offers a number of different fabrics, colours and finishes, meaning that your chairs can be unique to your particular requirements.


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Burgess Furniture is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality chairs and tables for the hospitality sector.



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