Brand Profile: The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Chains

No one involved in the global hospitality industry would deny that last year was a busy one for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. In September, Marriott International completed its acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, which created the world’s largest hotel company.

That alone would have been a massive development for one year, enough for Starwood to rest on. The company, however, even after its acquisition by Marriott, has continued to expand its various luxury hotel brands across the globe, including aloft Hotels, which has been heavily involved in shaping the future of hotel designs.

The aloft Hotels brand, however, is not Starwood’s only brand that’s currently undergoing an influential global expansion effort. Other Starwood brands have made moves in the same direction, including The Luxury Collection, one of the most glamorous luxury hotel brands on the planet.

In fact, as 2017 begins and the new year gets well underway, The Luxury Collection currently has 22 new hotel construction projects in its immediate future, which, when they are all completed, will have brought the brand a total of 3,525 new rooms. Of these ongoing construction projects, a whopping total of 14 are slated to be completed within the 2017 calendar year, barring some sort of setback for the projects. The Luxury Collection is slated to complete 5 more hotels in 2018, and 3 more hotel projects in 2019 and beyond.

The bulk of these projects will be coming to the North American continent, which will see 9 new Luxury Collection projects, bringing in a total of 1,339 rooms to that region. The next busiest area is the Asia Pacific region, which also includes the Australian continent. That region is home to 5 new Luxury Collection hotel projects, which, when all finished, should bring them a total of 739 new rooms. Europe is next up, with 4 projects for 702 rooms. The Middle East is after that, with 3 projects for 565 new rooms, and last is the Latin American region, which only features 1 new project with 180 new rooms.

Of these projects, the vast majority are currently under construction, with 15 of the projects falling into that category. Five more projects are currently in the planning phase, and one project is in the pre-planning phase. There is also one new Luxury Collection hotel that is in the pre-opening phase.

No two Luxury Collection hotels are the same, but they all provide an unmatched level of comfort and glamour to the guests who stay within their confines. The brand was also aggressively expanding in 2016, with some marquee projects making their debuts.

As with the 2017 expansion plans, the bulk of the thrust to grow that Luxury Collection made was focused on North America. According to information from the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database, the brand opened a massive new hotel in November, 2016. Dubbed The Phoenician, this new hotel is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it has a whopping 643 rooms to offer its guests.


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