Blau Hotels to manage Spain’s Las Caldas complex

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Chains

The Las Caldas property is made up of the five-star Grand Hotel and the four-star Hotel Enclave, a historic building that dates back to 1776. 

Mallorca’s Roxa Group acquires wellness hotel in northern Spain.

Roxa Group, a Mallorcan hotel entity, has acquired the historic Las Caldas Hotel and Spa in Asturias, Spain. The hotel will now be run by Blau Hotels, a subsidiary of Roxa Group. We find out more.

Roxa Group invests in mainland property

Mallorca’s Roxa Group has acquired a property on mainland Spain, in the northern region of Asturias. The property, Las Caldas Hotel and Spa, is a complex made up of two hotels, the five-star Grand Hotel and the four-star Hotel Enclave, and is a historic building that dates back to 1776. Las Caldas will now be managed by Blau Hotels, Roxa Group’s hospitality arm. The hotel has been acquired as part of Roxa’s investment plans, and represents a step in the strategic expansion of the hotel, as spearheaded by the new management.

Renovation and restoration

The acquisition comes after a year-long renovation of the property, which was the first extensive transformation of the hotel since its opening. This luxury complex places the focus firmly on wellness, and boasts thermal baths, an eco spa and wellness clinic. Sports enthusiasts will also find much to entertain them in this hotel, with golf, cycling and running all catered for and promoted. Healthy eating goes hand in hand with physical activity and wellness, and as such the hotel’s Viator restaurant offers seasonal and organic produce that is crafted into delicious dishes.

Fernando Sanchez Vallina, director of Las Caldas Villa Termal, spoke of the acquisition and where the property sits within Roxa and Blau’s portfolio, saying, “The incorporation of Las Caldas Villa Termal into the Roxa Group is a very important step for a reference product in Asturias that will allow us to position ourselves at a national level and even international. All employees are very excited about our incorporation into the group and eager to start a new project. It has been a long and very uncertain process, but it has finally come forward and the whole team is eager to work on this project, it has been years of great effort to keep us in the market with a high level of service quality and this great step encourages us to continue working and improving.”


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