Black is beautiful

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Black is the on-trend colour: it’s timeless, simple, elegant and versatile – not only in fashion – but in the bathroom too

Black is the on-trend colour: it’s timeless, simple, elegant and versatile – not only in fashion – but in the bathroom too. Kaldewei delivers the proof, with bathroom solutions, in which the simplest of all colours enters into the perfect symbiosis with minimalist design: with the premium bathroom manufacturer’s co-ordinated shower surfaces, baths and washbasins. Both mystical and stylish, this duet is a clear statement of good taste and a reason to take a closer at the advantages of black.

Black in the bathroom whets the appetite for elegant, timeless and stylish “bathroom living”. The bathroom radiates a cosy, warm feeling of coming home to a sanctuary, in which we relax and make ourselves beautiful – and this room is becoming more important than a living room. The bathroom can also be an extension of our individuality – making it the most personal room in the house. Something that is timeless and consistent – even when all around us is changing.

1. Black always works

In Kaldewei bathroom solutions, robust and resistant Kaldewei steel enamel fuses into an eternal duo with the colour that gives the best coverage. It’s a partnership that makes one thing unmistakably clear: classics are made for perpetuity and nothing less. Superior Kaldewei steel enamel lasts longer in the bathroom than any other material which is why every shower solution, every washbasin and every bath comes with Kaldewei’s 30-year guarantee. Black is a long-lasting favourite – it’s timeless and versatile, fitting seamlessly alongside other trends. For example, the current trend of using metals such as gold and silver in the bathroom, create glamorous accents, which lend a sophisticated lustre to the room. The floor-level Kaldewei Nexsys shower surface in Lava Black matt from the exclusive Kaldewei Coordinated Colours Collection, is a clear declaration of good taste. With a clear structure and statement, it’s definitely here to stay. Combined with a design cover in polished gold, the channel shower exudes a feel of luxury and retro glam – a trend that’s been around since the 1960s and is now enjoying a renaissance in the guise of “Modern Glamour.”

2. Black gives a room a real designer look

Even on its own, the colour black is incredibly powerful. However, when it comes together with other colours and materials, particularly its opposite number, white, the magical effect is even stronger like the dramatic contrasts between; male and female, loud and silent, light and dark. The powerful colour combination of black and white reminds us that every quality on the bright side has its counterpart on the dark side. It’s all just a question of balance. It’s precisely that inner balance that we find in the bathroom. When, for example, the Kaldewei Miena washbasin bowls, designed by Anke Salomon, come together in Alpine White and Black. Contours are more clearly defined, lines are more distinct; against a white background and in conjunction with superior Kaldewei steel enamel, the black makes the special qualities of this delicate designer object stand out even more.

3. When used for interiors, black has a positive impact on our mood

Black is calm, clear, structured and neat. It’s also profound and shrouded in mystery, as well as dignified and formal. All of these qualities have an impact on our mood when we surround ourselves with the darkest of all colours. Let’s not forget: it also symbolises revolution and rebellion. Black is the colour of mourning as well – but that’s something we quickly forget in the world of design and interiors because black has an almost mystical and strengthening effect, particularly in the bathroom. Especially when the colour combines with such beautiful designer objects as the Kaldewei Miena washbasin bowl which effortlessly harmonises with a matching shower surface or bath in the same colour.


4. Black is the ideal choice when playing with compelling contrasts

A compelling game of contrasts can also be played with black whereby it is first and foremost the timeless combination of rich black, brilliant white and fiery red that gives the bathroom such distinctive charm. When bought together, black and white, at opposite ends of the colour spectrum instantly complement each other, which is further enhanced when the fire element of red is added to the mix. When combined with the most sensual of all colours, the constant contradiction between the individual colours of black and white, and the surmounting of the inherent contrasts captivate design lovers and those who love polar opposites. Ultimately, this extravagance can only heighten the lustre of the superior Kaldewei steel enamel in which the glamorous bathroom colour, black, appears.

5. Timeless black shows favourite colours to best effect

Violet today, orange tomorrow – black is the colour that goes with everything. Simple and restrained, it offers the perfect background for showing off the latest colours to best effect – time and again. The more dramatic the better: when, for example, black and orange meet, the result is striking – truly eye-catching. Accessories such as hand towels, soap dispenser or pictures can provide the splash of your favourite colour in a bathroom with black bathroom solutions. These accessories can be swapped out at any time in order to create new colour accents and to stop the bathroom getting boring – interior design could hardly be easier or more versatile! This makes it easy for favourite colours to accentuate the home owner’s personality and evoke positive feelings. This can be an incomparably emotive experience, depending on one’s subconscious associations with those favourite colours.

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KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made completely of one material.


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