Beer Lovers Rejoice, There’s a New Beer Hotel in Columbus, Ohio

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Design

A new hotel in Columbus, Ohio, is set to be a haven for beer lovers. Scottish beer company BrewDog has opened the DogHouse Hotel and Brewery next to the brand’s OverWorks brewery in one of America’s fastest growing cities. We find out more.

BrewDog in Columbus

America’s midwest is often overlooked in favour of the cultural coasts or the historic south, but one city in Ohio is on the rise and is very much a place to be in the US right now. Columbus has surpassed other cities in the state to become a hotbed of growth and economic prosperity, as well as a fully-fledged destination, so perhaps it is no wonder that one of the world’s most well known beer companies has decided to set up shop in this booming midwestern city. BrewDog, a Scottish craft beer company with its roots in punk culture, has opened a new hotel next to one of breweries, OverWorks. This is one of only two beer plants that the brand operates, the other located in Ellon, Scotland, so it is kind of big deal that they decided to situate their second brewery in Columbus. Their foray into the world of craft beer in Ohio began with a craft beer bar called DogHouse, and the journey has continued from there.

Beer themed hotels

DogHouse opened its doors this August, and is a mecca for anyone who is all about craft beer. Anything and everything in this hotel is centred around the craft beer theme, from the minibars to the decoration. Neon BrewDog logos hang over the beds in some of the hotel’s 32 rooms and eight suites, and some rooms even have draught beer taps. Beer is also inescapable in the wellness areas of the hotel, with beer-flavoured soaps and beer-inspired spa treatments being par for the course.

Craft beer and crowdfunding

While the idea of a craft beer-themed hotel may not appeal to everyone, BrewDog was certain that it could find a loyal base of fans that would travel across the world to stay in its hotel and brewery in Ohio. That’s why they decided to crowdfund part of the financing for the hotel, putting it to their customers to raise $75,000. BrewDog brethren ended up raising over $300,000 for the construction of the hotel, so such was the success of the campaign that the company has decided to use the extra money raised by the initiative to open a second craft beer-themed hotel in Scotland in 2019. BrewDog are clearly heading up the craft beer/hospitality revolution.



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