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by | Apr 16, 2019 | Suppliers

Choose from our SoHo or MARCO light switch collections, as part of your Interior Design project to add beautiful design and finishes to functionality.

SoHo, the eclectic new light switch collection

FEDE´s objective is to give the architect and interior designer a unique creation that fits perfectly with the Hotel decoration.

The new SoHo collection is made from the highest quality brass. Overlaying this we add a contemporary brushed matt finish in gold, copper, graphite or nickel. Our master craftsmen then apply their artistic eye and techniques developed over many years to create these original brushed finishes. They can also offer these finishes to our lighting products on request.

The timeless style of the new SoHo collection matches perfectly a wide range of wall colors which makes it the must have item for hotel projects. All the switches from the Marco collection also fit our minimalist SoHo frames.

Brass is the ultimate sophistication giving that touch of distinction.

MARCO light switch collection

MARCO is the new contemporary metal collection by FEDE. Based on the purest concept of a switch frame, it includes modern finishes.

The latest TREND, with an elegance that’s both modern and classic. This is a NEW FRENCHIFIED and TRANSITIONAL STYLE, which allows for a wide-range of decoration possibilities, all the while fitting perfectly in white, black, moka, green olive or red wine.

We invite you to combine our new frames with all of FEDE’s electrical mechanisms. You’ll discover intriguing innovations that complement our extensive range, like dimmers and toggle switches, both metal and with a FACTORY touch, created for LOFT-type spaces.

Think metal and choose MARCO, the ideal collection to change the switches in your next Interior Design project.

You will simply be amazed…

― About the Supplier ―

At FEDE, we are proud of working for the most demanding customers who appreciate quality and who place the emphasis on their own unique style of interior design.




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