BCI Worldwide introduces the BCI International Logistics Services (BILS) group

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Suppliers

BCI Worldwide is pleased to announce the recent expansion of its services by introducing the BCI International Logistics Services (BILS) group. BILS is a new division that is responsible for providing Freight Forwarding services for a growing and dynamic customer base.

For the Hospitality and Gaming customers, this new service offering now provides BCI Worldwide with the ability to handle the customer’s loose items (from furniture to linens) all the way from the factory to the installation at its final resting place and everything in-between, allowing them to become a one-stop shop for any major pre-opening or renovation project and solidifying their mark as the premier supplier for all things hospitality logistics.

“By combining these new capabilities with our past core competencies, we offer our customers a unique managed solution that allows us to handle their items throughout the entire lifecycle of a project,” said BCI Worldwide Asia Managing Director Stephen Hammonds. “We’re very excited to bring this new service to our customers.”

A new team joins BCI Worldwide with a combined experience of over 40 years handling freight across the globe with a heavy focus on the following industries: Furniture, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Oil &Gas, Consumer Goods, Retail, Heavy Machinery & Construction, Electronics, Paper & Packaging, Government, and Aerospace.

Source: bciworldwide.com
 Whether it is ocean, air, ground, project, or warehouse services you need, BCI International Logistics Services will deliver the results you expect.
BCI Worldwide has operated for over 30 years throughout North America and Asia and specializes in hospitality logistics with a focus on pre-openings and renovations. The services include: freight forwarding, warehousing, project management, FF&E installation, and OS&E management & distribution. To learn more, please visit www.bciworldwide.com

― About the Supplier ―

Bekins Commercial Installations (BCI) Worldwide was founded as one of the first logistics companies to focus primarily on Hospitality Logistics.



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