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Awake maritime moods and memories with MER decor by Tafelstern

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Suppliers

Coups are the favourite pieces of numerous chefs de cuisine. Their minimalist design makes a wonderful stage for the culinary orchestration of fine foods.

MER decor awakens maritime moods and memories: the deep blue of the ocean, the golden sands of secluded bays and delicate marine lichens on tide-washed rocks.

Bowls in all shades, shapes and patterns are the alternative to classic plates.

Freshly prepared foods are tightly layered and attractively draped. Slender platters and coups in cream-white or with coloured decors set fine counterpoints.

While the bowls present foods in the cosy embrace of their porcelain hollows, the platters boldly present them on an open stage.

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TAFELSTERN is the brand name for the ambitious international restaurant and hotel segment.



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