Australian brand Adina to celebrate Austria premiere with 2020 opening

by | 03 Oct 2019 | Chains

The Adina Vienna Belvedere in the heart of Austria’s capital. (Photo: Adina)

Adina launches its expansion into Austria with a beautiful property in the Alpine country’s capital.

Vienna is the Australian group’s 12th hotel in Europe and its first location in Austria. By the end of 2020, the 134-room property will launch in the centre of the Alpine nation’s capital.

A haven in Vienna’s city centre

Austria’s first Adina Hotel will open its doors on Canettistraße, just a stone’s throw from the historical Belvedere Palace and Vienna’s main station.

The Adina Vienna Belvedere will feature 134 studios and apartments between 28-50 sqm in size. Each one will have an area for living and working, a fully equipped kitchen and even a washer and dryer. Top floor studios come with terraces, adding that extra bit of comfort to longer stays.

Studios and apartments at the Adina are suitable for one to four guests and provide a temporary home away from home, whether for a night, a week or more.

Guests can also expect personalized 4-star hotel service, a 24-hour reception, room service and an attractive spa area with a fully equipped gym, a heated indoor pool and sauna.

In addition, the restaurant, bar and cafeteria on the ground floor are a great place for guests to linger as they enjoy the rich breakfast, lunchtime snacks and light bites for dinner.

“The first opening in Vienna was a logical consequence of our expansion throughout Europe. The market for hotel apartments in the high-end segment is still under-developed in Austria,” says Matthias Niemeyer, Head of Development Europe at Adina.

Part of a new Vienna landmark

The Adina Vienna Belvedere will be part of SIGNA Real Estate’s mixed-use development BEL & MAIN.

This 12,000-sqm project consists of two modern residential towers with 460 rental apartments, an office tower with 17,000 sqm of office space and the Adina apartment hotel.

Everything is connected by an attractive green plaza and an underground car park with 390 parking spaces.

Let’s take a look at a few more upcoming hotels by Adina in the DACH region:



Adina Apartment Hotels offers guests space, style and home comforts - more than just a hotel.


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