Augmented Reality – livecookintable defines the future of banquet hospitality with a newly released App solution!

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Augmented Reality builds a bridge between the digital and the real world. The design team of MEC2 has created an App which uses AR technology to provide customers with a unique and forward-thinking service. This paradigm shift has far-reaching implications by simplifying future interactions with both guests and employees. The app is available in Google Play and for all Apple devices.

Catalog Tracking: By using the Augmented Reality app all products and configurations can be viewed in 3D and 360 degree views.

To convey the innovations in their product portfolios, AR shows customers three- dimensional models of the product. And the App has a buffet configurator too, which allows an instant build-up for different buffet spreads. With the help of the augmented reality function, the buffet lines can be viewed immediately in the properties preferred locations in true size, function, design and spatial effect. The configuration can then be attached as a screenshot to the Function Sheet so that employees can build up the buffet lines without error. In parallel, the banqueting sales teams can use the app as a sales tool to consult with planners and customers on potential buffets set-ups and styles.

Buffet lines and live cooking stations can be freely configured in the White Room and viewed in 3D and 360 degrees.

MEC2 GmbH, as a manufacturer of the livecookintable system, has clear commitment in support operations across multiple verticals. The app is an important everyday companion for Chefs and the greater F+B Team for an error-free work with the product, helping to reduce labour costs and greatly support in increasing revenue in banquet sales.

All configurations can be viewed with the augmented reality tracker immediately in the preferred locations in true size, function, design and spatial effect.


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Livecookintable set the standards in contemporary, modular furniture design and innovative kitchen technology.



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