Apaiser Introduces The Bijoux Collection By Kelly Hoppen

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Suppliers

Apaiser, the home of bath couture, is pleased to unveil the latest in its collection of premium baths and basins – Bijoux – designed by globally renowned interior designer, Kelly Hoppen. Stunning in form and finish, this strikingly innovative range is the second collaboration between Kelly Hoppen and apaiser and draws inspiration from faceted diamonds, immediately transporting you into the dazzling world of luxury bathing by apaiser.

The Bijoux Integrated Basin

Kelly Hoppen’s award-winning and signature style of clean lines and sleek simplicity is at the heart of the Bijoux range’s architectural design. Presenting a unique juxtaposition of external angles and smooth interiors, the faceted exteriors play with light and shadow to create an altogether dynamic surface – the resulting effect a visual masterpiece, and a celebration of the pursuit of elegant bathing. The Bijoux range incorporates a bath which is the perfect manifestation of strength and beauty, its faceted form offering sublime relaxation, while its light capturing quality further providing an enchanting and delightful experience for the bather.

The Bijoux Basin

The Bijoux basin evokes a bejewelled crown, setting a reflective and mesmerizing tone that also subtly suggests luxury amid the cleansing ritual of bathing. The integrated basin evokes the dynamic lines and subtle facets of a jewel…altogether creating an alluring form that is a whimsical and joyous start and finish to any day. “I wanted to create a collection that was a balance between hard edges and sensual curves. I was inspired by the symmetrical arrangements of the facets of a perfectly cut diamond.

This range was designed with the diamond creation process from a rough stone to a polished gem in mind, which is fascinating and I’m thrilled with the outcome”, says Hoppen.

“Our unique material – apaisermarble – derived from actual marble, and the basis of all apaiser bathware designs, showed just what a remarkable material it is. In the hands of our craftsmen, it worked beautifully to perfect these striking and somewhat intricate shapes as designed by Kelly, and which ultimately set this collection apart from all else on the market”, added Belinda Try, Founder and Managing Director of apaiser.


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