Apaiser bathwares gives bathrooms a touch of class

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Suppliers

Australian bathroom design company Apaiser is one of the most popular choices for luxury bathwares, both in Australia and abroad. The Melbourne-based company makes beautiful, handcrafts bathtubs and sinks that elevate the standing of any bathroom, whether it’s in a home or hotel. Ideally suited to all types of hospitality spaces, be it the bathroom in a guest suite, spa or wellness centre or common WC, the Apaiser range give you the best of both worlds, blending seamlessly into its bathroom setting while at the same time becoming a feature piece within the space itself.

Master craftsmen work in tandem with leading designers and engineers to get a streamlined and elegant product that favours organic, fluid shapes that respond to the natural contours of the body. This focus on nature is also reflected in the materials used, such as the patented Apaisamarble enriched with Australian minerals to ensure the user is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Ranges include circular and oval bathtubs and sinks and have names such as the Reflection Collection, the Zen Collection and the Sapphire Collection.

Apaiser’s styles stay within a certain formal aesthetic, but are inspired by shells, stones, rock formations, flowers and the sea. The Organics range draws on these natural elements for its forms, while the Geometrics range has the same minimal treatment but with slightly more structure. The Timeless range has slight embellishments that would be at home in a more classically inspired hotel, but equally that could add a touch of glamour to a more pared-back bathroom. Available in an array of neutral colours and palettes, from muted whites and wheats to dark browns and deep greys reminiscent of stained wood and seaweed, Apaiser’s “bath couture” lends a touch of class to every bathroom space.


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Styled by nature. Perfected by hand. The apaiser story starts with award-winning bathware, proudly Australian owned.

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