Amazingly energy-efficient HVAC-R solutions for hotels

by | 15 Apr 2020 | Products

Daikin total HVAC-R solutions for hotels.

Daikin complete climate control solutions for your hotel. From customized air conditioning and heating solutions to ventilation, refrigeration and energy saving control systems – we have climate solutions for your guest rooms, conference facilities, restaurants and wellness areas.

Air conditioning has become the norm in most new and refurbished hotels. Today’s systems keep guests cool during summer – and additionally provide cost-efficient heating during winter periods. Daikin heat pumps use renewable energy to do this, cutting hotel operating costs.

As a leading manufacturer of heat pump systems, Daikin is at the forefront of technology. Far from concentrating solely on temperature control, its engineers and designers are constantly working to improve the ‘total solutions’ for key market sectors such as the hotel industry, offering cooling, heating, hot water, ventilation and refrigeration with a single point of contact.

Indoor air conditioning units are performing optimally when they achieve to maintain good air quality. This is key to the comfort of building users in offices, hotels and residential apartments. Dust accumulated during daily use can reduce the efficiency of indoor units, as well as affecting the appearance of ceilings and grilles, where dirt gathers. Daikin’s unique auto cleaning filter kit for concealed ceiling units helps maintain operating efficiency, as well as improving comfort and cleanliness.

Clogged filters resulting from dust build-up lead to a gradual loss of efficiency in indoor HVAC units over time. As dust increasingly makes the system work harder, reductions in airflow and the heat exchange surface result in reduced capacity, with less heat being dissipated into the air, causing discomfort to building occupiers. Over time it will affect system reliability, causing more maintenance call outs to site.

Adding value

Developed at Daikin’s European Research Centre for use with Sky Air and VRV slim concealed ceiling units, the auto cleaning filter meets the needs of office, hotel, residential apartments and shop owners. This unique option, designed to deliver increased reliability and energy savings of up to 20% compared with manual cleaning, provides enhanced comfort and air quality for occupiers and tenants.

How does it work?

Connected to the slim concealed ceiling unit, the auto cleaning filter option integrates a moving brush, which captures and collects dust into the onboard dustbox during the pre-programmed cleaning cycle. Once the dustbox is almost full, housekeeping can simply empty it via a vacuum cleaner hose connection, quickly and easily, saving on maintenance and without disturbing guests or occupants.

Built-in flexibility

Designed to offer maximum versatility to meet the needs of diverse applications, the auto-cleaning filter kit incorporates an extra-long 1.7 metre connecting hose to allow flexible positioning of the suction port in the ceiling, in cupboards, or other concealed locations to present a discreet appearance.

Quiet improvement

Offering a low-noise solution, the Daikin auto-cleaning kit saves time and money, providing high energy efficiency and comfort levels for customers and investors.
Hotel guests and owners can enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing environment and better indoor air quality, with no free-floating dust particles, or dust marks and reliable long-life operation.
With all these benefits, the auto-cleaning filter kit is a must have solution for multi-room premises requiring efficient housekeeping turnaround of resident occupancy.

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