aLoft Hotels Shaping Future of Hotel Design

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Design

When Marriott International, Inc. acquired Starwood Hotels and Resorts in 2016, the company also acquired all of Starwood’s brands, including some of the younger, hipper properties that are so revered throughout the global hospitality industry these days.

One key brand involved was aloft Hotels, a company so hip they’ve made their tagline, “Style at a Steal,” which alludes to the aggressively stylish trimmings offered by aloft Hotels as well as the affordable prices. With locations throughout the United States, Mexico, Australia, China, Indonesia, and the UK, among other places, aloft Hotels is one of the key lifestyle brands driving innovation among the major hotel operator groups in the industry today.

And while it’s easy to go to aloft Hotels’ website and see the aesthetic trappings that make the brand tick, the hard numbers behind its growing success also bear monitoring as well. A great indicator of the brand’s current trajectory and potential success is its rate of expansion.

According to information from TOPHOTELPROJECTS’ database, aloft Hotels is currently managing 100 hotel development projects across the globe. The vast majority of these are in North America. The United States, Canada and Mexico are home to 53 aloft Hotels projects, which will add 7,929 new aLoft rooms to that region. This is a logical expansion move for aLoft, which currently has the vast majority of its properties in the United States, with a healthy number of hotels being located in Mexico as well.

The next most fertile region in terms of expansion for the company is Asia Pacific, where aLoft is currently developing 24 projects that will offer 4,662 rooms. The third region on the list would be the Middle East, where aLoft is launching 13 projects that will boast 2,761 new rooms. This makes sense, as a recent report showed that 42 percent of all hotel expansion projects for the coming years are taking place in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

In the wake of the Marriott and Starwood merger, however, aLoft is not the only of the company’s holdings looking to grow. Another stylish brand originally curated by Starwood, W Hotels, is making major strides as well. The W, while not nearly as large in number as aLoft, could almost be seen as aLoft’s more upscale older sibling, offering a higher level of luxury to a slightly older and wealthier travel demographic. The W brand is expanding most aggressively into the Asia Pacific Region, where it stands to develop 16 projects in the coming years for a total of 5,037 rooms. To put that into perspective, W Hotels is worldwide developing a total of 38 projects. The next closest region for its expansion is North America, where it’s working on 8 projects for 2,244 rooms.


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