Airbnb partnership will make it easier to share apartments

by | Nov 10, 2017 | General News

It seems that Airbnb is making moves to increase its ability to garner even more clients through a recent partnership with Pillow Residential

Airbnb has been a powerful nemesis of the hotel industry for some time now, and it seems that the home-sharing site is making moves to increase its ability to garner even more clients. A recent partnership with Pillow Residential, a platform which encourages a collaborative solutions between building management and residents in multifamily buildings, will make is easier for tenants to rent out spaces in their apartments through Airbnb. Pillow Residential provides a service that allows building managers and tenants or landlords who are renting their apartment on Airbnb to share the profits of the rental, and also takes the hassle out of the administration of lettings, making things easier for those renting their apartments, and cultivating the best possible short stay experience for every party involved.

The partnership will be part of a scheme entitled “Airbnb’s Friendly Buildings Program”, which landlords enrol in to give the green light on Airbnb subletting. Building managers, owners and landlords often prohibit the sub-letting of apartment spaces on Airbnb and this can cause tension between owners and tenants. With the Pillow/Airbnb partnership, there is a guarantee that both sides are satisfied with the arrangement, and the financial agreement is designed to allow both sides to benefit from the Airbnb rental. Pillow’s platform assists landlords in the management of their properties through a dashboard where they can plan and track activity, and they also provide help to tenants with the rental and hosting process. Landlords are given briefing instructions for tenants on how to manage lettings, and there are facilities where the renter can use cleaners organised by Pillow after they check out of the apartment, cutting out the tenant and alleviating the stress of coming home to a dirty apartment.

Renting your apartment on Airbnb is a fantastic way for people to make some extra money, especially if they are away on business or pleasure and their apartment is sitting empty. But having the help of a company like Pillow makes the whole process easier and less of a headache, and also guarantees a more efficient and reliable service for renters, who often face last minute cancellations or problems due to human error. The first organisation to sign up to the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program is the San Francisco urban retail and apartment proprietor Veritas Investments, who operate and manage five buildings in the Bay Area city that will be included in the pilot scheme. Sean Conway, CEO of Pillow, said, “Demand for home sharing among renters keeps growing, and we anticipate a day when Pillow will be on every renters’ checklist as a must-have, alongside amenities like air conditioning or high-speed internet. This partnership is a logical next step in making this vision a reality. Veritas is a trailblazer and we’re proud to be a part of offering the best solutions for their residents.”


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