A scientific ranking of the 12 best luxury hotels

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Researchers have devised an algorithm capable of evaluating hotels based on 118 performance points

Luxury Travel Intelligence, which is a members-only travel reporting group, has devised an algorithm aimed at scientifically determining the top 12 luxury hotels on the face of the Earth.

While for many years travelers have relied on aggregate counts of guest ratings and feedback, the new LTI method seeks to take a more concrete approach, doing so by formulating its algorithm based on an analysis of 118 significant evaluation points. Created over the course of seven months, the algorithm then scored eligible hotels out of a maximum of 4,320 possible points, subsequently creating a top 12 listing.

The 12 Best Luxury Hotels

According to the scientific LTI algorithm, the top 12 luxury hotel brands for 2018 are as follows, with their point scores beside them: Aman (3,587), Oetker Collection (3,494), Six Senses (3,438), Belmond (3,399), Mandarin Oriental (3,378), Auberge (3,312), Four Seasons (3,264), Soho House (3,180), One & Only (3,152), St. Regis (3,058), Rosewood (2,981), and the aptly named The Luxury Collection (2,897).

LTI has not shared the exact details about the functionality of the algorithm that it used, but it did release this statement from LTI founder Michael Crompton, which is related to it:

“The 118 touch points relate to the overall brand performance, rather than its individual properties. It’s all about the brand’s ability to deliver: its passion, commitment, ethos and values, as well as the quality of its management and staff. Investment and how well it is executed is also a major factor, particularly in new properties and the refurbishment of existing ones.”

More About Aman

Aman is often recognized as one of the most exclusive hotel brands in the world.

The company, which has a flagship hotel located in Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand, is widely known for the high-profile clientele that flock to its properties in some of the world’s most exotic locations, including Bhutan, Cambodia, China, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, the Phillippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the United States of America, Japan and Vietnam.

Aman hotels are regularly selected for lists of the most fabulous and luxurious resorts in the world. At a time when the hospitality market in the Asia Pacific region is booming, Aman is easily among the most iconic brands to emerge from that part of the world.

Without question, one of the company’s most fabulous hotels is the Amanoi, Vietnam. The company brought its signature sleekness to its debut resort in Vietnam back in 2013, opening this contemporary beachside resort to go right alongside the full-service Aman Spa, giving it a name for the Sanskrit-derived word for peace. This property has a tranquil location overlooking the spectacular Vinh Hy Bay in Nui Chua National Park, northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Aman’s group corporate director of design, construction and technical services is Hakan Ozkasikci.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway by Aman:

Aman New York

Aman Dali Hotel

Aman Kyoto


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