Swedish Skargaarden presents Laknäs – a new teak range, designed with 5-star- and boutique hotels in mind

by | 02 Dec 2022 | Products

Skargaarden presents their new Laknäs collection, designed by Swedish designer Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt.

The Swedish province Dalarna is often regarded as a kind of epicenter for the Scandinavian Midsummer celebration. Along lake Siljan’s eastern shore in Dalarna lies the small village of Laknäs. Skargaarden’s Laknäs collection is designed by Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt and was created for sun-drenched lunches and late meals in the enchanting and almost magical shadow play of the night light.

– Laknäs has a simple and straightforward design that is perfect for stylish pagan celebrations. At the same time, the combination of the clean design and the timeless expression of teak makes the furniture equally suitable on a roof terrace in Antibes or next to a lake in Sierra Nevada. Or why not indoors, says Jari Visuri, founder and CEO of Skargaarden.

The collection consists of a dining table, an extendable table, a dining chair and a bench. The furniture has both an inviting and discreet expression and is suitable both as a solitaire and in a large and noisy crowded group that hosts a lively party.

Skargaarden’s furniture is a tribute to the Scandinavian summer and an invitation to really take advantage of this short but very beautiful time. The furniture is created to be able to cope with a stressful outdoor climate and withstand everything that nature exposes them to – even in the harshest of coastal climates. At the same time, the furniture has a Scandinavian stripped-down character that makes it elegant enough to be uncompromisingly placed in a living room.

The fact that the Laknäs collection – like the majority of Skargaarden’s furniture – are made of teak is no coincidence. Teak is one of the most resilient types of wood and thanks to its elastic and strong fibers and the natural teak oil in the wood, it is very resistant to weather forces. Teak is an almost maintenance-free type of wood that acquires a beautiful silver patina over time, but it can also be oiled to maintain the elegant reddish-brown teak tone.

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Laknäs Dining Chair

Design: Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt

Material: Teak

Dimensions: W:42 cm D:49 cm H:78.5 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Weight: 6.5 kg

Price: EUR 480


Laknäs Bench

Design: Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt

Material: Teak

Dimensions: W:180 cmD:40 cm H:45 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Weight: 15.5 kg

Price: EUR 960


Laknäs Dining Table

Design: Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt

Material: Teak

Dimensions: W:210 cm D:90 cm H: 74 cm

Height under table: 64 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Price: EUR 2600



Laknäs Extendable Table

Design: Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt

Material: Teak

Dimensions: W:210/295 cm D:90 cm H:75 cm

Height under table: 64 cm Weight: 72 kg

Price: EUR 4200



Skargaarden is a Swedish producer of high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories. They offer classic as well as durable teak furniture and accessories.

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