A match made in heaven by TAFELSTERN: an interplay of solid wood and finest porcelain

by | Aug 11, 2018 | Suppliers

A match made in heaven: Coupe plates from the TAFELSTERN TEMPTASTE collection in combination with acacia wood plates from the Playground accessories range.

The PLAYGROUND accessories collection adds that little extra to the worlds of premium porcelain from TAFELSTERN: Instead of ‘less is more’, PLAYGROUND makes an appearance in the table setting with an extra acacia wood plate that wonderfully highlights the fine foods presented in the coupe plates from the TEMPTASTE collection.

Here as a picture frame for a unique work of art, or there as a tray for culinary delights served in small bowls and on porcelain plates. Thanks to the raised rim, everything stays in place. Every interpretation of table culture can be perfectly staged and expressed by the interplay of solid wood and finest porcelain.


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TAFELSTERN is the brand name for the ambitious international restaurant and hotel segment.

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