A look at Europe’s most glamorous new 5-star hotels

by | May 30, 2017 | Projects

As one might expect, there are constantly many luxury hotel projects in the pipeline for Europe

There is perhaps no country as closely associated with luxury travel as Europe, with its wide breadth of cities that have long been among the most glamorous and fascinating in the world, cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, and Prague.

As one might expect, there are constantly many luxury hotel projects in the pipeline for Europe, involving a broad range of locations, brands, styles and sizes, adding up to a grand total of 419. About 70 of those projects are within the boundaries of the United Kingdom, while 3 more are underway in Iceland, but the rest are currently being built on the European mainland.

Also as one might expect, the most common areas for new hotels to be underway include Spain, France, and Germany, which all have more than 25 new hotels currently in the pipeline. With all that in mind, it bears taking a look at some of the top projects currently in the European hotel construction pipeline.

Lustica Bay

The largest of these projects is Lustica Bay, a massive holiday resort being built in Montenegro, around the Traste Bay on the Lustica Peninsula, for which it is named. It will be embedded in the heart of a new living environment, and it will be comprised of a number of smaller projects, including The Chedi Lustica Bay, Marina Hotel, Hillside Boutique Hotel, Thalasso Hotel, Golf Hotel, and more.

This will all add up to a grand total of 1,600 apartments and 750 villas. This resort will also provide visitors with a downtown area that will be complete with shopping, a school and medical services, as well as two marinas, a conference center, and an 18-hole golf course. This project is currently in the planning phase of its development.

Falesia Del Rey

Meanwhile, another large project has entered the pre-planning phase. This one, dubbed the Falesia Del Rey, will be located in Óbido, Portugal once it is completed.

It will be a spectacular 230-hectare front-line ocean site, right on the cliffs, overlooking the sea and beaches of nearby Óbidos Lagoon. Developed by Beltico, it will have an 18-hole links style golf course, with a five star contemporary hotel overlooking the sea as well as a boutique hotel with a spa, swimming pools, tennis courts, shops, exercise circuits and much more.

Hotel at 42 Maslak

Another European pipeline project worth knowing about is Hotel at 42 Maslak, which will be located in Istanbul, Turkey, once completed.

This property is a new and ambitious mixed-use development in the northern outskirts of Istanbul’s European side.

This flagship high-rise concept is being developed by the local residential developer Bay Insaat, and it’s one of the largest and most important developments currently under construction in all of Istanbul.

It is projected to open in the third quarter of 2017, and when it does it will have 442 apartments and 16 tower penthouses.


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